Used and Abused: Victorinox Night Vision (2014)

PRICE: £570

Used by Simon Ingram, Trail Magazine editor
Used for 6 months

Lights built into watches are nothing new, but torches built into posh watches rather are. I’ll admit I became infatuated with this watch because it had the name of the best Swiss Army knife on it (which, come on, is pretty cool) and was a gizmo that struck the balance between being something I could wear on the hill without looking like I belonged in an office, and in the office without looking like I belonged on the hill. The push-button torch is actually a genuinely useful thing, when you remember it’s there. I’ve used it for a variety of practical applications on and off the hill (reading important things in the dark, rummaging in a rucksack for a headtorch, dazzling colleagues) and have to say this is far from a pointless gimmick. And the watch itself is lovely: precise, pretty and – while heavy, and with a rather fiddly strap – something to cherish. 

Verdict A Swiss mountain machine that isn’t Ueli Steck.

Originally published in Trail Magazine, 2014