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The popular KEEN Targhee is now in its fourth generation with improved durability and sustainability. We take a look at the new Targhee IV...

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KEEN exploded onto the footwear scene back in 2003 with its Newport hybrid sandal. Since then, its offerings have expanded to include a wide range of walk, casual, and work footwear.

One of the newest KEEN styles on the scene is the Targhee IV. The Targhee name isn’t new – it’s been one of KEEN’s best sellers since it was introduced back in 2005. But now in its fourth generation, the Targhee is more durable and sustainable than ever.

Let’s take a closer look at the KEEN Targhee IV.

No delamination thanks to KEEN.FUSION

Closeup of KEEN Targhee IV midsole and heel

A common problem with footwear is delamination, where the sole peels away from the rest of the shoe because the glue holding them together degrades.

KEEN has developed a solution called KEEN.FUSION. This approach doesn’t use glue, instead fusing the sole to the boot using heat and pressure to create a mechanical bond that is stronger than glue.

KEEN’s testing of the Targhee IV’s KEEN.FUSION revealed it didn’t break down after 1000 miles of use and stayed intact when KEEN’s ‘pull machine’ tried to pull it apart.

Improved durability

KEEN Targhee IV toecap

In addition to KEEN.FUSION, the Targhee IV benefits from other design tweaks that improve its durability.

One of these is its Luftcell midsole. Normally, footwear has an EVA foam midsole, but KEEN has used Luftcell because it is much more resistant to compression (KEEN found this after repeatedly dropping a heavy weight on the heel of the shoe).

KEEN Targhee IV on its side showing sole and lugs

Instead of using rubber the Targhee IV uses a KEEN.RUGGED outsole. This is because KEEN.RUGGED is more abrasion resistant. KEEN found that a puck of KEEN.RUGGED material, when bounced around inside an abrasive wheel, lost half the amount of material compared to rubber.

KEEN even gives the Targhee IV reinforced (and recycled) laces.

Excellent eco credentials

Closeup of the upper of KEEN Targhee IV

The Targhee IV scores highly in terms of sustainability. The KEEN.FUSION design negates the need for glues and solvents, which KEEN says, ‘are among the six classes of the most toxic chemicals in consumer products.’

The leather used on the Targhee IV comes from Leather Working Group gold-certified tanneries, which ‘reduces the use of chemicals to help preserve and protect our water.’

Closeup of KEEN Targhee IV ankle cuff and waterproof label

KEEN has been tackling the elimination of PFAS chemicals since 2014. Today, all of KEEN’s shoes, including Targhee IV, feature safe alternatives that repel water just as well as forever chemicals without harming the planet.

The Targhee IV has an anti-odour treatment as well, which is pesticide-free. Eco Anti-Odor uses natural probiotics that are safe for the environment.

KEEN’s Original Fit

Bird's eye view of KEEN Targhee IV showing wide fit

Ever since its establishment, people have flocked to KEEN because of its now-iconic wide fit, with ample room across the forefoot for toes to spread and the foot to sit naturally. Of course, the Targhee IV features KEEN’s Original Fit.

The Targhee IV comes in Mid and Low heights, with men’s and women’s versions of both. The Targhee IV Mid costs £150 and the Low costs £140.

Pair of KEEN Targhee IV boots showing side profile and sole

KEEN Targhee IV Mid

Men’s version here | Women’s version here

Price: £150

Weight (per boot): 577g

Upper: LWG gold-certified leather w/ PFAS-free KEEN.DRY lining


Sizes: Men’s UK 6 – 14, Women’s UK 2.5 – 9

KEEN Targhee IV Low

Men’s version here | Women’s version here

Price: £140

Weight (per shoe): 546g

Upper: LWG gold-certified leather w/ PFAS-free KEEN.DRY lining


Sizes: Men’s UK 6 – 14, Women’s UK 2.5 – 9

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