New INOV8 ROCLITE – made from experience, built for hiking

Long loved by trail runners, and increasingly appreciated by fast-and-light trekkers, INOV8 ‘s new ROCLITE footwear further cements its reputation as a solid hiking brand.

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It’s hard to believe, but “newcomers” INOV8 have been with us for twenty years now. That’s two decades of research, development and, of course, innovation based on the outskirts of the Lake District. And while much of this experience has been in the realm of running, they’ve made increasingly impressive inroads into the world of hiking. But INOV8 aren’t content to be seen as a running brand that also dabble hiking. It’s keen to establish itself firmly as a running AND hiking brand, and the new ROCLITE footwear is the first step.


INOV8’s ROCLITE range has been shattering the myth that hiking footwear needs to be heavy and clunky for almost as long as INOV8 has been in existence. But in the new ROCLITE GTX shoe and ROCLITE GTX MID it's done things a little differently.

Every aspect of the ROCLITE range has been redesigned, including the branding. It has all been done in a manner that keeps the ROCLITE true to its DNA. We have created a new last which has a much more natural, anatomical fit, hugging the foot while allowing it the room it needs to function best.

Graham Jordison, INOV8 Head of Product Design for Footwear

Don’t panic – they’re still light, comfortable, and agile, with all the protection you need, and nothing that you don’t. However, INOV8 has created a new last which offers a much more natural, anatomical fit, hugging the foot while allowing it the room it needs to function best. And in an INOV8 first, these will be available in standard and wide fits.

Win a pair of the new INOV8 ROCLITE hikers


Hike all year round in the ROCLITE GTX hiking shoes for men and women. Lightweight, cushioned, and featuring a STICKYGRIP™ rubber outsole that excels on all surfaces and a rock plate underfoot for protection from sharp rocks.


Waterproof hiking boots for men and women that are lightweight, cushioned, responsive, and grip on any surface thanks to their STICKYGRIP™ rubber outsole. The ROCLITE MID GTX boot are ideal for challenging day hikes.


Aside from the small deifferences in design, which is mostly around the height of the ankle cuff, both the INOV8 ROCLITE GTX and GTX MID share many key features.

Anatomical Fit

Built on a brand-new anatomical shape, the fit of the ROCLITEs hugs the natural contours of your foot, locking you in at the heel and then widening at the toes. This  allows your feet to splay and feel the ground, while still giving you that comfortable yet secure feel that you need on technical trails and long hikes over challenging ground.

GORE-TEX Waterproof Upper

The ROCLITE is fully waterproof, making it suitable for year-round hiking.  The upper is made using a single piece of 3D air mesh. The GORE-TEX membrane lining means you can press on through puddles and streams, while also allowing sweat to escape the shoe as vapour.


Preserve your energy on longer hikes with the BOOMERANG Footbed. The insoles feature hundreds of foam beads that compress and spring back for 40% energy return during your stride. Perfect for long treks where maximising every bit of energy counts.


A bouncy, cushioned ride that retains high levels of responsiveness is provided by the new POWERFLOW PRO foam midsole. This amazing underfoot comfort and propulsion is built in a way that still allows for the ground-feel you need when hiking over uneven, hazardous terrain.

META-PLATE rock plate

A flexible META-PLATE rock plate protects your underfoot from jabs from sharp rocks. This flexibility gives protection, but doesn’t make the boot rigid, allowing your foot to respond to the ground more naturally. At the front of the boot a toe bumper protects against you stubbing on your toe on unseen tree roots or rocks.


The ROCLITE GTX features a STICKYGRIP™ rubber outsole that excels on all surfaces, whether soft, boggy mud, or hard packed trail. The 6mm lugs take their inspiration from the shape of a mountain goat’s hoof, providing strong grip on any terrain and releasing any mud of debris when you take your next stride. Unlike many of INOV8’s boots and shoes, there’s no graphene in the soles of these new ROCLITEs, but watch this space…


There was a lot to love about the previous ROCLITE footwear, unless the sporty precision fit didn't happen to fit your feet. The new ROCLITE shoes and boots not only open up INOV8's magnificently lightweight and comfortable footwear to a load more pairs of feet, but they also show INOV8's commitment to becoming as renowned for their hiking kit as they are for their running gear.

Find out more about the new ROCLITE GTX and ROCLITE GTX MID, along with the rest of INOV8's expanding hiking range, at

Win a pair of the new INOV8 ROCLITE hikers

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