Craghoppers CO2 Renu Half Zip Fleece | Tested and reviewed

This innovative fleece has won several awards including our own Gear of the Year prize for its sustainable construction. We explain exactly what makes this fleece so special.

from Craghoppers
RRP  £80.00
Hiker wearing Craghoppers CO2 Renu Half Zip Fleece with Gear of the Year award

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We’ve talked before about how the humble outdoor fleece jacket deserves a place in every hiker’s wardrobe, but the CO2 Renu Half Zip Fleece from Craghoppers is a bit special.

Reducing carbon emissions is essential if we want to avoid catastrophic climate change, and one way to do that is simply to make less stuff that results in carbon being released into the atmosphere – or produce said stuff in a way that releases less carbon or, better still, none.

Studio shot of Craghoppers CO2 Renu Half Zip Fleece

Perhaps somewhat unexpectedly, a new and exciting weapon in the battle against emissions came to our attention in the form of this fleece from Craghoppers.

In addition to providing all the warming versatility that all fleeces offer on the hill, and coming in at a price that places it among the cheaper mid layer options, the CO2 Renu Half Zip Fleece is actively helping to reduce emissions. And that makes it a worthy winner of our 2024 Gear of the Year award.

Gear of the Year 2024 winner


  • Well-priced
  • Sustainable innovation
  • Full zip option available


  • Not a 'technical' fleece for more arduous adventures

Why the Craghoppers CO2 Renu Half Zip Fleece won Gear of the Year 2024

Made using pollution

Craghoppers CO2 Renu Half Zip Fleece eco label

The CO2 Renu Half Zip Fleece is made from polyester, 30% of which is Bio3 carbon smart polyester made from captured CO₂ emissions. The carbon is captured and converted into ethanol; this ethanol is then converted into the chemicals needed to make polyester fibres, which are then spun into fabric. It’s modern-day magic.

The remaining 70% of the fabric is made from recycled polyester, while the labels and zip-tape are all 100% recycled materials. Impressive stuff.

Minimal waste

Craghoppers CO2 Renu Half Zip Fleece collar and zip

Craghoppers designed the CO2 Renu Half Zip Fleece using a 3D design programme, which reduced the need for prototypes. By changing the construction of the fleece to laid over or lapped seams, it has also been able to minimise material waste in the production process, while still maintaining a refined finish.

Award-winning innovation

Craghoppers CO2 Renu Half Zip Fleece cuffs

This combined approach to sustainability earned Craghoppers and the CO2 Fleece an ISPO Award, recognising innovation in the sports industry, at the highly respected outdoor gear trade show in Munich.

LanzaTech, the company which developed the process to convert waste carbon into new products and with whom Craghoppers collaborated on the CO2 Renu technology, was also a finalist in the ‘Fix Our Climate’ category of the 2022 Earthshot Prize.

Craghoppers CO2 Renu Half Zip Fleece pocket zip

After that kind of industry recognition, it’s hardly surprising that our own Gear of the Year Award should follow on.

How we tested

Our Gear of the Year award winners are, what we consider, the best products in their category that we've tested in the previous 12 months.

The products have all been used in tough real world conditions by members of our rigorous and experienced team.

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