Mammut X Shot (2017)


With the Mammut X Shot you don’t get a full lumens range spec but you do get 200 lumens full power for the 20-second boost function, which has a 125m beam. The 200 hours on low flood is good for camping while the 15 hours on the 110m spotlight setting is good for walking. The 3xAA batteries live in housing at the back of the head and there is a function button on the front. You cannot plug this into a USB socket to recharge it though. 4/5


The Mammut X Shot’s battery housing has a rubber cover that is not quite as slick and neat to close as some others, so some care is needed. The front housing has a small switch on the top to select functions, but this is less distinct than some in operation with gloves. The front head rotation uses a ratchet, but it is not quite as positive as others. The torch is quite heavy too. 3/5


The Mammut X Shot is comfortable on the head despite its relatively heavy weight of 178g, thanks to the batteries being located at the rear and the use of wide straps. I did need to adjust this to be tighter on the head than others to prevent it wobbling, and I found the front housing was slightly less comfortable against the forehead than others. 3/5

In use

This works okay on the hill, as it is easy to use with the right functions to control the power. The single-button operation is easy to use and the head tilt is fine. Tweaks to the features, design and comfort would make it better (see above), but it does the job. The boost is great for spotting a path and the other settings are good for general walking. But the weight is a drawback. 4/5


Lower-priced headtorches offer more comfort, neater design and extra features, so the Mammut X Shot does not offer the best value compared to others. 3/5


The Mammut X Shot is a useful headtorch for walkers and campers, but it lacks the refinement of other options around its price. 3.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2017