A Christmas gift guide to outdoor gear

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Being close to someone who is an avid outdoors or hiking fan, chances are you'll know the challenge of getting them to sit still and remain indoors over Christmas. You could tie them to a chair but it's a bit antisocial. We suggest appeasing them with an appropriately-themed outdoor gift.

Outdoor gear gifts to avoid

Technical outdoor clothing is best avoided unless you've received a request for a specific item. Hikers are very set on what they do and don't like in terms of hiking jackets and footwear, for example.

Tacky or flimsy accessories will only draw a weak thank you smile because the concept fails when it's put to use. Below you will find a collection of well-engineered and purposeful outdoor accessories that we can recommend as great gift options.

The best gift ideas


The perfect Christmas gift for you or your loved ones. With subscriptions from just £29 why not

A subscription to Trail magazine costs only £3.90 a month and you'll get information on high octane excursions across beautiful, yet challenging terrain, skills and tips from outdoor experts, gear reviews and more. Not only this, with your Trail subscription you will also get 50% off a 12-month subscription to OS Maps.


Get someone geared up with an OS map, or maps. Alternatively, you can get them an [OS app map

1000 Mile 3 Season Walking Socks

Rrp: £17.00

Price: £17.00
Alternative retailers
Decathlon£18.98View offer




Patagoniau2019s organic cotton t-shirt is sustainable and looks brilliant. Itu2019s Fair Trade


This classic Black Diamond t-shirt is made from organic cotton; itu2019s a quality garment ideal

Montane Supercell Tough Waterproof Gloves
Price: £66.04


These winter gloves won the u2018Best Valueu2019 award in our group test. They are u2018warm,

Read our full review here.

Nikwax Outdoor Complete Protection Kit
Price: £24.99


Gear is hard to buy when flying blind but gear care is not. This complete kit from Nikwax contains


This travel towel bears the same traits as microfibre ones (compact, fast drying, absorbent), only

Lifesystems Trek First Aid Kit

Rrp: £19.99

Price: £17.44
Alternative retailers
Swinnerton Cycles£16.99View offer
Decathlon£19.99View offer


A first aid kit is a necessity when hiking. Lifesystems makes brilliant, compact, CE-certified

Earth Pak-Torrent Series Waterproof Dry Bag
Price: £15.97


Ah, moisture, the foe of delicate devices and gear. Earth Paku2019s Torrent Series dry bags are

Hydro Flask Insulated Wide Mouth 591ml
Price: £40.99


Wide mouth flasks are easy to use and very easy to clean. Hydro Flasku2019s version is our

Ledlenser P2R Core Rechargeable LED Torch

Rrp: £29.95

Price: £27.95


German brand Ledlenser produces some industry-leading torches and

Goal Zero Crush Light
Price: £27.99


For a compact and reliable little camping light, look no further. [Goal

Vango Compact Gas Stove
Price: £18.25


Vangou2019s camping stove is a stoic little cooker than delivers exactly what you need. At 102g

Stoic Aktse Tent Stakes
Price: £5.18 (was £12.95)



The letdown of a tent can be as simple as the inadequate pegs that bend out of shape or keep


Low-load carabiners are a fast and reliable means of attaching gear to a pack, for example. Black

Stanley Classic Wide Mouth Flask

Rrp: £21.10

Price: £21.10


A hard hike or summit conquest is so often best celebrated with a victorious drink of choice.


Speaking of a tipple, we thought weu2019d sneak in a couple of top whiskeys. Laphroaig is a very

Talisker Skye Single Malt Scotch

Rrp: £48.00

Price: £27.00
Alternative retailers
The Whisky Exchange£45.25View offer


Taliskeru2019s Skye whiskey is another winner. Its slightly spicy flavour brings a welcome and

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