Want to master scrambling but wonder what gear covers it? Let us do the legwork for you...

A Waterproof Jacket

A scrape-resistant jacket with a slim fit and helmet-compatible hood. A shorter cut is preferable for use with a harness. Pictured: Tierra Roc Blanc, £400

B Gloves

A reinforced palm is key when clambering over harsh terrain or working with ropes. Pictured: Hestra Windstopper Active, £50

C Helmet

Comfort is essential. It must be the correct fit and cover the back and sides of your head. Pictured: Grivel Salamander, £55

D Camera

A compact tough camera that can tolerate knocks, drops and bad weather is ideal. Pictured: Ricoh WG-4, £280

E Guide book

Route-finding on scrambles can be tricky. A clear and accurate guidebook is a real help. Pictured: Scrambles in the Lake District, £14

F Boots

A precise toe for ‘feel’ and a stiff sole will aid climbing. A tough upper is required to withstand harsh rock. Pictured: Mammut Merlon GTX, £180

G Trousers

Look for wind- and water-resistant material that will stretch as you move but is also tough enough to tolerate wear and tear. Pictured: Berghaus Saltoro AF, £90

H Soft shell

Go for a thinnish, stretchy jacket that will fend off wind and be breathable enough to withstand high-intensity activity. Pictured: Outdoor Research Ferrosi, £90

I Harness

For Grade 2 and 3 scrambling that may require a rope, you’ll need a harness that can tolerate being abused. Pictured: DMM Renegade 2, £70

J Rope

For usual scrambling terrain, a 30m single rope is ideal. If an abseil or longer pitches are required, 50m will be needed. Pictured: Edelrid Python 10mm x 30m, £60

K Slings and gear

When you make the move away from guided scrambles, you’ll need a basic scrambling rack of your own. The specific tools needed depend on the route you’re attempting. Pictured:
various from DMM, Wild Country and Edelrid, £200-300 total

L Rucksack

Choose a slim, fuss-free pack that will hold all your kit without getting in the way. A removable waistbelt is an advantage. Pictured: Mammut Trion Element, £105