Sprayway Naxos Topaz Jacket Review 2016

Sprayway Naxos Topaz Jacket Review 2016

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Using Sprayway’s well-proven HydroDry fabric with a loose lining for greater comfort, you also get three external main pockets and a hood with a wired peak. The two main pockets are placed quite low down so access to them won’t be ideal while wearing a rucksack. Having that mesh lining increases the weight a little, but it is still reasonable. For its price the Naxos offers a good set of practical features. 4/5


The Naxos is available for men in sizes S-XXL, with the women’s Topaz in sizes 8-16. The design is a little shorter than others, meaning it doesn’t quite cover the bum. The body is slightly baggy, and when I raised my arms the cuffs tended to ride up more easily than other jackets. The hood does fit and move well with the head however. 4/5


The fabric is not as breathable as higher-priced jackets but you get that mesh and taffeta lining to hide any condensation so it does feel nice. It is also comfortable as it is a softer fabric than some 3-layer materials, and as it has a lining it tends to feel warmer and more comfortable in windier conditions when lighter, thinner fabrics buckle. 4/5


The two main pockets are a big enough for OS maps but they extend quite low so when wearing a rucksack hipbelt access to them is impaired. The higher chest pocket is map-sized, though, and easily accessed. The hood is great and benefits from a wired peak, although this is not quite as good a peak as higher-priced jackets offer. But for general hillwalking the Sprayway Naxos/Topaz is pretty good overall. 4/5


This is a good price for a jacket that may not be perfect but has a lot of advantages over many of its competitors. RRP £100. 5/5


The Sprayway Naxos/Topaz is a good hillwalking jacket that has drawbacks but is very functional and well-priced. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 4.2/5

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