The best six-person family tents reviewed (2022)

Compact and lightweight or spacious and luxurious? Here are the best 6-man tents to suit everyone's needs.

Green Family Camping tent

by Chris Williams |

If you are looking to upgrade your family camping gear or are after a 6-man tent for a group holiday then there are many great choices to choose from. Whether you are looking for a spacious 6-man tent that acts as a home away from home or are after the bare minimum then we have picked out the five best 6-man tents to suit your needs.

Like smaller two-man and three-person tents, six-person and family-sized tents range in price, size, and shape. Before you invest in a tent, there are a few things to consider: the weight and size or where you will be using the tent. With that being said, we have a guide below which will tell you what shape and waterproof ratings you require, so your camping trip will be smooth sailing.

The types of tent shapes:

Tunnel tents: These tents are great for weekend and summer camping as they offer lots of space, are easy to pitch and use traditional poles. However, they are often heavier than other shapes.

Dome tents: These popular tents are good for hikers and trekkers because small dome tents are quite stable and lightweight. They are also cheap and work well in moderate wind.

Geodesic tents: This type of tent has crisscrossing support poles, making it much more capable of dealing with high winds and harsh weather. Geodesic tents sacrifice space and are a little more complex to pitch than other styles but are great for camping in extreme environments but less suitable for casual campers and families.

Backpacking tents: Usually on the pricer side, these tents are some of the lightest tents you will find. Some are intended for summer and mild conditions, and others have more durable fabrics, making them suitable for 3-season use. They are ideal for hiking and cycling trips.

Waterproof ratings :

1000mm: Will keep out light rain. It is more water-resistant than waterproof.

2000mm: Waterproof and will keep out rain.

4000mm: Will keep out fairly heavy rain.

10,000mm+: These ultra-durable tents have to deal with rain and snow and the extra pressure applied onto tent floors by people and equipment.

Now that you know what you are looking for, check out our picks of the best 6-man tents that have each received an individual award – be it value for money, clever design, or space.

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The best 6-person tents

Vango Odyssey Family Tunnel Tent


Vango Odyssey Family Tunnel Tent

Best budget 6-man tent (Editor's choice)

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This tent is ideal for families who are new to camping. This great budget tent is extremely high quality for the price as it has an excellent waterproof rating, a spacious front room with two entrances, and two bedrooms with darkened features. The Odyssey is reasonably compact and lightweight compared to other tents on the list, making it the perfect tent for a car boot full of camping and holiday gear. The Vango uses a tension band system to make sure your tent will stay upright in windy conditions. Additionally, This tent uses standard fibreglass poles rather than inflatable ones, as seen in many of the other contemporary tents listed. However, pitching will still be straightforward and will take a total of 20 minutes.


Tunnel style tent

Waterproofing: 4000mm HH polyester flysheet

Poles: PowerFlex fibreglass

Outer dimensions: 465cm (L), 360cm (W), 200cm (H)

Packed size: 70 x 30 x 30cm

Weight: 15.4kg

Pros: Value; doesn't skimp on important features

Cons: Natural trade-off of compact size is reduced space

Zempire Aerodome II Pro 6 Person Tent

Zempire Aerodrome II Pro

Zempire Aerodome II Pro 6 Person Tent

The best 6-man tent for design
Zempire Aerodrome II Pro

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This tent seriously means business. The attention to detail and quality of the tent is unmatched with a T shape design. The tent boasts two living areas which can be used as a more open social space that can be used as a front room or porch, and the other is more private. The rear living room has skylights, and the two bedrooms - one large room and another smaller room with a storage area make it perfect for family getaways. Some other innovative details are the power cord access ports, removable inners so you can adjust the space, bright zips so you can locate them in the dark and all-weather upper and lower ventilation, making it perfect for unpredictable British seasons.


T-shape inflatable tunnel tent

Waterproofing: 10,000mm HH Poly Oxford fabric

Poles: Inflatable

Outer dimensions: 590cm (L), 670cm (W), 230cm (H)

Packed size: 78 x 48 x 48cm

Weight: 43.5kg

Pros: Great attention to detail; easy and takes 10 to 20 minutes to pitch

Cons: It’s very heavy

Vango Aether 600XLv

Vango Aether 600XL

Vango Aether 600XL

The best 6-man tent for sustainability
Vango Aether 600 XL

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The Aether 6-man tent is part of Vango's new sustainable Earth Collection. Constructed from Sentinel Eco fabric that uses recycled single-use plastics, this model is a great choice for those looking for a sustainable option. Some could say that sustainable fabric is a trade-off for quality - but that is by far not true. The fabric has UPF 30+ sun protection and anti-fade technology, so your tent will last through the stronger rays. In terms of the space itself, the tent features dividable bedrooms, which are darkened to ensure a better night sleep. The living areas are generous, so you can lounge on the open front porch and catch the last light or have a relaxing evening inside the main room. However, one thing to note is that sustainable products tend to be more expensive, but the Aether 600XL is of incredible value. So there is no need to trade sustainability for comfort and price.


Tunnel tent

Waterproofing: 3000mm HH recycled polyester

Poles: PowerFlex fibreglass – an inflatable model is also available

Outer dimensions: 595cm (L), 380cm (W), 210cm (H)

Packed size: 72 x 33 x 33cm

Weight: 21.6kg

Pros: Part of their Earth Collection, Sustainable manufacturing; good value for money

Cons: Pitching the tent takes longer than inflatable models

Outdoor Revolution Ozone 6.0XTR Safari Air Tent

Outdoor Revolution Ozone 6.0XTR Safari Air Tent
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If you are after a home away from home, then look no further. This cavernous tent features many innovative features which will ensure you will have a comfortable trip. Boasting three divided bedrooms that are 240cm deep, you will be able to accommodate a big group with ease. Additionally, one of the bedrooms can be removed if you require extra storage space, and another sleeping area can be zipped into the main room if you need four rooms. This 6-man tent is compatible with other savvy add-ons such as the Outdoor Revolution's Lumi-Link lighting system (attachable LED lighting strips), powered either by mains, USB or 12V and controlled by remote control.

Another great feature is the mesh ventilation fly screen panels that allow you to keep cool in the summer and reduce the number of insects. These panels feature in the internal front left-hand side window, each side window on the internal divider door, and double-side access doors.


Inflatable tunnel tent

Waterproofing: 6000mm HH fabric

Poles: Inflatable

Outer dimensions: 800cm (L), 420cm (W), 235cm (H)

Packed size: 89 x 68 x 58cm

Weight: 54.80kg

Pros: Quick pitching 10 to 20 minutes; great for glamping; many available extras to add on.

Cons: Enormously heavy

Berghaus Air 6 XL Tent

Berghaus Air 6 XL

This six-metre tent is large enough for families or large groups but still remains under the four-figure price bracket. The Air 6 XL is wider than the Outdoor Revolution tent listed above and also features three bedrooms and a living room. The bedrooms are wider in this model and are more comfortable as square living spaces tend to be more social. It comes with ventilated bedrooms to ensure it stays at a pleasant temperature and extra-large windows with integrated curtains which allow you to control the natural light intake.


Inflatable tunnel tent

Waterproofing: 6000mm HH flysheet

Poles: Inflatable

Outer dimensions: 605cm (L), 45cm (W), 220cm (H)

Packed size: 87 x 58 x 50cm

Weight: 36.7kg

Pros: Practical comfortable space; lighter than the Zempire and Outdoor Revolution tents.

Cons: The slight blue interior tinge might irritate some people.

Extra equipment for tents:

In order to improve your camping experience, there are some valuable extras that you might want to consider so everything will run smoothly.

Wire Products PACK 20 Steel

High-Strength Steel Tent Pegs

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Sometimes supplied tent pegs get pulled from the ground when the weather conditions get really windy or turbulent, or they will bend out of shape over time. You will not need to worry about your tent discharging from the ground with these ribbed steel pegs. They are 10mm thick and 290mm long with a sharp pointed end for piercing hard terrain or stones.

Vango Voltaic Roll Away 15m Power Socket Supply

Vango Voltaic Roll Away 15m Power Socket Supply

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Modern campsites come with all the commodities of home life, and with this socket supply, you will be able to ensure your tent can be fitted with electricity. With the added modern touch of two USB ports, this plugboard is easy to keep tidy with a roll-up 15-metre cable. It also has three regular UK plugs and makes campsite charging and power supply very easy.


Tents may be waterproof on the top, but with some terrain being quite boggy in the UK over the year, it is good to consider a groundsheet. Groundsheets will help keep the floor of your tent clean and dry - especially helpful when it comes to the post-camp cleanup.

Some tents have specific groundsheets that match the model perfectly. However, that is not always necessary as you can get a heavy-duty and more versatile tarpaulin that will do the job just as well.

Zempire Aero TM Footprint

Zempire Aerodome II Pro Footprint

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This groundsheet is a match for the Zempire Aerodome. It is made from 120g/m2 polyethene, and the weight is 2.80kg. The sheet comes in a storage bag.

Vango Aether 600XL Footprint

Vango Aether 600XL Footprint

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A match for the Vango Aether. It is made of polyethene and comes in a storage bag

Outdoor Revolution Ozone 6.0 XTR Safari Footprint Groundsheet

Outdoor Revolution Airedale 6.0s Footprint

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This ground mat has a 10,000mm HH waterproof rating. Comes with a storage bag.

Air 6 XL Footprint

Berghaus Air 6 XL Footprint

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This groundsheet is made from 140g/m2 polyethylene.

Draper Heavy Duty Polyethylene Tarpaulin

Draper Heavy Duty Polyethylene Tarpaulin

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This general groundsheet is 6 x 4 metres and is made from 200g/m2, mildew resistant polyethylene.

Things to consider when buying a 6-man tent

Here are some important questions to consider:

Is this your first large tent?

If you are a first-time camper, it is worth purchasing a beginners tent that isn't too pricey just in case the camping life isn't for you. We would suggest the Vango Odyssey or the Aether 600 XL

Are you looking to upgrade?

If you are looking to upgrade it is likely you already know what you are after. If it is a tent with extra bells and whistles you want then consider the Zempire or Outdoor Revolution tents. If you are on the hunt for just a little extra comfort then we would recommend the Berghaus model.

Is this a tent you will grow into?

Buying a family tent in anticipation of an expanding family is always a smart plan. It is good to consider what features and designs suit your needs best. Look into tents that have two or three-room dividers - as teenagers like their space. Some tents can turn into four bedrooms, such as the Outdoor Revolution Ozone 6.0XTR Safari Air Tent or three bedrooms in the Berghaus Air 6 XL.

What is your camping destination?

Will you be pitching at a campsite or wild camping? Will your tent go upright by your car, or will you have to carry it a distance? These are all good questions to ask yourself before purchasing your tent. The weight and size are important to check as you do not want to be lugging around an excessively large tent if you are walking for a while.

How do you camp?

Are you the type of camper that takes the bare essentials, or are you more of the glamping type? Size, features, and layout are crucial factors in deciding which tent is right for your camping style.

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