Ticket To The Moon hammock tested: A viable tent alternative?

Is a hammock an alternative to a tent? We test the Ticket To The Moon Pro Mat Hammock to get an answer.

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Ticket To The Moon Pro Mat Hammock rigged up with LFTO star rating in top left corner

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Compared to a tent a hammock seems so much more…relaxed. Anyone who’s used one in a garden or at a resort can testify to their comfort but can they really be suitable for backpacking and camping?

Hammocks aren’t something we’ve covered much on LFTO, and have tended to focus solely on tents when it comes to camping shelters. But perhaps we’ve mistakenly overlooked hammocks as an alternative. So, we been using one from Ticket To The Moon to find out.

Ticket To The Moon is based in Bali and states it is the ‘original manufacturer of the camping hammock’. This particular model is one of the brand’s top-end hammocks called the Pro Mat Hammock, so let’s get into how it works.

Other TTTM products used in this test:

Lightest Tarp | Lightest Strap


  • Adjustable and super comfy sleeping arrangement
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Responsibly made
  • Highly breathable fabric
  • Lots of accessories available
  • Can cater to one of two people


  • Not weatherproof without a tarp
  • Suspension straps not included
  • Weatherproofing
  • Comfort
  • Features
  • Weight
  • Packed size
  • Value
  • Sustainability
Packed size44 x 17 x 13cm
InnerPFC-free 70D parachute nylon
FlyTarps available - we used Lightest Tarp (412g, 20D sil-nylon, 1500mm HH)

Design and features

Ticket To The Moon Pro Mat Hammock zipped door

The Pro Mat Hammock is what you could consider a fully featured hammock. It has a mosquito net, an adjustable ridgeline, and a slot you use to slide your mattress into the hammock. This might sound a bit odd but the idea is that you can pair your inflatable sleeping mat with the Pro Mat Hammock for the best possible comfort.

To accommodate a sleeping mat, the Pro Mat Hammock is 1.7m wide and you’re supposed to lie diagonally for the best comfort.

Inside the hammock, attached to the ridgeline, is a storage pouch. Outside the hammock there is also a bungee cord you can use for suspending your footwear, keeping them off the ground and away from the creepy crawlies.

Ticket To The Moon Pro Mat Hammock shoe bungee

In terms of construction, the Pro Mat Hammock is made from 70D parachute nylon (the mattress sleeve fabric is 20D). The hammock weighs 920g – this is one of TTTM’s heaviest models, some of the other models can weigh as little as 200g.

You need straps (a suspension system) in addition to the hammock, though. The ones we used were TTTM’s Lightest Straps that weigh just 110g. We also had a tarp in case of rain too, so all told we were carrying about 1500g.

Ticket To The Moon Pro Mat Hammock carabiner

The carabiners are rated to 6kN and the weight limit of the hammock is rated up to 150kg with a breaking strength of 450kg.

TTTM hammocks are easy to clean. They can be washed in the washing machine (TTTM suggests with Nikwax).


Rigging up Ticket To The Moon Pro Mat Hammock

It was quite refreshing not having to contend with any poles like you do with a tent. Pitching the Mat Pro Hammock is a two-minute job and simply requires fixing the hammock carabiners to the suspension straps you’ve looped around tree trunks and adjusting the ridgeline to your liking.

The time consuming bit, we’d say, is finding the right place to pitch the hammock. It's not just a case of finding trees, but finding ones that are sturdy and at least three metres apart. We tested this TTTM hammock in Scotland where there are plenty of forested areas around lochs and the like. But in places like England, which is rather bald of forest, you’ll be struggling a bit.

Ticket To The Moon Lightest Tarp guy line

We didn’t encounter wet weather on our test trip but in the interests of proper testing, we pitched the tarp nevertheless. A tarp can be pitched a number of ways but we went for the classic diamond shape. The tarp comes with two pegs so you can fix the tarp securely. Like the hammock, it’s a two-minute setup job.

The hammock (and tarp if you’re using one) come in crescent-shaped bags into which you stuff the contents. The Pro Mat Hammock when packed away is 44 x 17 x 13cm. But because there aren’t any poles, it can squish down more than this.

Living and comfort

View from inside Ticket To The Moon Pro Mat Hammock

In terms of sleeping comfort this is a five star experience, not least because the setup is adjustable so you can find the ideal amount of slack.

What’s more, the fabric doesn’t feel like the shiny, slippery material you get with backpacking tents. The parachute nylon used by TTTM is softer and stretchy. Crucially, it’s also way more breathable and avoids any buildup of condensation, which is always a potential issue with a tent.

Inside the hammock, it’s enclosed but not claustrophobic because you can see through the mesh mosquito net, giving you a view of the canopy above. The Pro Mat Hammock is best as a one-person shelter, but because it’s rated up to 150kg and stretches out to offer a surprising amount of space inside, it can sleep two if needed.

What the hammock lacks is of course a porch or any kind of living space. But if you have a tarp with you, you can rig it so that you do.

Durability and weather resistance

Ticket To The Moon Lightest Tarp rigged over Ticket To The Moon Pro Mat Hammock

The build quality of the TTTM Pro Mat Hammock is excellent. The materials are lightweight but are certainly designed for and cope well with the demands of backpacking and camping. What’s more, being a hammock means it isn’t subject to the same abrasion that a tent is (especially the groundsheet).

The elephant in the room here is of course about protection against rain. Without a tarp there isn’t any when the heavens open. But with one, it’s a decent wet weather setup, and both the tarp and hammock are both designed so that the strap ends dangle and allow for the water to run down them to the ground instead of across to the hammock.

If it’s chilly, TTTM also sells a range of quilts that wrap around the outside of the hammock. Depending on the quilt, they’re insulated with either synthetic fill or down (the synthetic insulation is recycled, the down is RDS certified).

We were pleased to see that TTTM also has a generous 10-year warranty.

Closeup of LFTO tester inside Ticket To The Moon Pro Mat Hammock


Happily, this is an area TTTM also performs well. In addition to its products being high quality and long lasting, they’re also PFC-free – even the tarps.

TTTM still makes its hammocks in its factory in Bali. It’s a World Fair Trade member, ensuring its employees ‘enjoy proper working conditions with social security, a pension, and a basic salary that is far higher than the minimum salary’.

TTTM uses all spare materials to make bags and other products or recycled.

Price and competition

The Pro Mat Hammock we tested has an RRP of £149. Together with the Lightest Strap and Lightest Tarp, the setup costs £294. So, it’s not a budget setup but there are other TTTM combos that drop the price considerably.

Is it good value? We think so, as long as you’re in an environment that is rich with trees, which isn’t really England to be honest. But in Scotland, continental Europe, New Zealand, Canada etc., it works well.

It’s also important we move away from a blind obsession on cheap outdoor gear and consider options that are produced in a responsible way and be willing to pay a bit more for them.


Ticket To The Moon Pro Mat Hammock rigged up with LFTO star rating in top left corner

We think the TTTM hammock is a viable alternative to a backpacking tent, especially if you’re a summer camper. The comfort, breathability, and overall sense of openness makes for a fantastic camping experience.

A tent does, however, offer better weather protection. But the main challenge (especially in the UK) of a camping hammock is finding a suitable place to use it.

How we tested

Chris Williams hiking in Lake District wearing Artilect Divide Fusion Stretch Jacket

The Ticket To The Moon Pro Mat Hammock was tested by our Senior Writer, Chris Williams (pictured above) in Scotland in early summer.

Chris has been testing gear on LFTO since 2021 and previously worked for one of New Zealand’s leading outdoor gear brands. He has extensive knowledge of outdoor gear and is also LFTO’s unofficial sustainability expert.

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