Altra Timp Hiker walking boot | Tested and reviewed

Offering a zero drop, wider fit, and a remarkable sub-350g weight, we test out the Altra Timp Hiker to find out how it's eye-catching specs translate into real-world performance.

Altra Timp Hiker side on view

by Chris Williams |
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Runners will likely have heard of Altra, but hikers perhaps not. The brand sprang onto the running shoe and hiking boot scene about a decade ago, offering variations of its signature zero drop, FootShape approach.

Altra footwear isn’t truly minimalist like Vivobarefoot or Xero Shoes. While Altra produces footwear with a wide fit and zero drop to let the foot sit and perform naturally, it also provides a cushioned midsole.

The Timp Hiker is Altra’s take on the modern lightweight walking boot. It’s heavily based on the brand’s Timp trail running shoe – using the same Vibram sole and EGO MAX midsole.


  • Ultralight
  • Wider fit
  • Grippy
  • Wide range of sizes for men and women
  • Super breathable


  • Not very tough
  • Poor ankle support

Design and features

Altra Timp Hiker side on with heel raised

A little more about the Altra FootShape fit: it’s an apt name for Altra’s shoe shape that is wider than a typical shoe shape, in order to allow the foot to ‘sit naturally’. The Timp Hiker also has no drop (no height difference between the heel and forefoot), which is unusual for footwear. The idea of zero drop is to give the foot a more level platform.

Zero drop footwear aren’t for everyone (for example, those with Achilles injuries will often want some level of heel drop), but remember zero drop isn’t the same as minimalist. As such, the Altra Timp Hiker still has a spongy, cushioned midsole called EGO MAX, giving the Timp Hiker a stack height of 29mm. Tacked onto the midsole is a Vibram Megagrip outsole.

Altra Timp Hiker upper and toe box

The upper of the Timp Hiker is fully synthetic and comes with or without a Gore-Tex waterproof lining (we tested the non-Gore-Tex version). In terms of protection, there is a TPU coating at the toe but little else besides.

However, weighing just 343g per boot, this is one of the lightest walking boots currently available.

Performance and comfort

Closeup of LFTO testing walking rocky path wearing Altra Timp Hiker

There’s no doubt the Timp Hiker is one of the most comfortable lightweight boots we’ve tested. That FootShape fit certainly works – it's far more generous than the narrower fit that often plagues lightweight outdoor footwear.

The zero drop is noticeable when standing still, with our heel sitting lower than what we’re typically used to with walking boots. On the move, however, it was less apparent.

Altra Timp Hiker rear view showing Vibram sole

We found there’s loads of grip from the Vibram sole on dirt tracks, rock – basically anything other than oozy mud. And the EGO MAX foam midsole soaks up the bumps nicely. We’re not convinced the midsole would last especially long and think it may be susceptible to compressing. But on our test hikes it worked a treat.

While underfoot protection is decent, the upper doesn’t offer much in this space. The toe has a black strip to help fend off abrasion but the toecap isn’t stiffened, and there is no rand that wraps around the boot. Nor is there much in the way of ankle support. Despite having two sets of lace hooks, it’s hard to get a firm hold around the ankle.

LFTO tester hiking in Altra Timp Hiker

But toughness isn’t what the Timp Hiker is about – its sub-350g weight makes that clear. The ultralightweight build pays healthy dividends when it comes to speed and agility. We felt very nimble in the Timp Hiker, aided further by the cutout around the Achillies. The Timp Hiker’s wide fit that lets our foot sit more naturally made us feel sure-footed and balanced too.

Altra Timp Hiker rear view

We tested the non-waterproof version and loved the breathability. When you go from any footwear with a waterproof lining to one without, the increase in breathability is wonderful.


Lightweight walking boots and trail running shoes are made from synthetic materials and aren’t usually very durable. Consequently, they’re generally not very eco-friendly. We’d say that the Altra Timp Hiker conforms here – it's not very durable and doesn’t seem to use any recycled or eco-friendly materials.

Closeup of LFTO testing walking in Altra Timp Hiker

Altra is owned by VF Corporation, which also owns The North Face, Timberland, and Icebreaker, among others. From Altra’s website it’s hard to gauge what its sustainability efforts are.

We looked at VF Corporation’s FY2023 Environmental and Social Responsibility Report, and VF Corp is being quite proactive to reduce its emissions and waste. And in the Fashion Transparency Index 2023 report, three VF Corp brands (TNF, Vans, and Timberland) scored in the 61-70% bracket, placing them above the vast majority of global fashion brands for transparency.

Price and competition

Altra Timp Hiker and rivals photographed

At the time of writing, the Altra Timp Hiker costs £155, with the Gore-Tex version costing £165. That’s a very typical price for premium lightweight hiking boots these days, with most costing around £150 to £170.

In terms of direct competitors, there aren’t many that offer the same zero drop focus. Vivobarefoot and Xero Shoes do but they’re a different, more minimalist design.

Inov-8 has rivals that can compete with the Timp Hiker for weight. The Inov-8 Roclite G 345 GTX V2 is just as lightweight as the Timp Hiker, while the RocFly G 390 GTX is a little heavier but offers even greater cushioning.


Walking down a rocky path wearing Altra Timp Hiker

There’s plenty to like about the Altra Timp Hiker: super lightweight, highly agile, fantastic fit and comfort, and impressively grippy. If you’re in the market for the lightest possible walking boot, the Timp Hiker should be a consideration.

The zero drop isn’t as noticeable in use as the FootShape fit, which is one of this boot’s major strengths. However, the Timp Hiker doesn’t feel especially tough to us, and isn’t very supportive.

How we tested

Chris Williams hiking in Lake District wearing Artilect Divide Fusion Stretch Jacket

Chris Williams (pictured above) is one of our staff writers and carried out our test and review of the Altra Timp Hiker walking boot.

Chris has been with LFTO since 2021 and has several years of journalistic and outdoor industry experience, in addition to enjoying a lifetime’s worth of hiking.

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