Cotopaxi Batac 24L Backpack | Tested and reviewed

We test out the brightly coloured Cotopaxi Batac 24L Backpack to see whether it is a genuinely versatile option.

LFTO tester wearing Cotopaxi Batac 24L Backpack

by Chris Williams |
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Hiking backpacks can sometimes be a bit niche – great for heading out into the hills or mountains but aren’t terribly useful for everyday use or travel. Plenty of us would like something versatile, and the Cotopaxi Batac 24L is a potential answer.

Why? It caught our eye not just because of its cheerful, colourful construction. It has a design that offers some hiking, some everyday, and some travel features. And that is quite appealing.

Hoping we might have found a truly versatile backpack, we put the Cotopaxi Batac 24L to work.


  • Very lightweight
  • Sustainable
  • Two large compartments plus laptop sleeve
  • Good value
  • Versatile


  • Not suitable for carrying heavy loads

Design and features

Cotopaxi Batac 24L Backpack drink bottle holers

The Batac 24L (and it’s smaller 16L sibling) are part of Cotopaxi’s Del Dia Collection, which includes a wide range of backpacks and storage bags such as travel cubes. They’re all made with the leftover fabric from other companies' production runs, with idea of saving resources and diverting away from landfills.

Each Del Dia bag has a unique colourway – all bags differ from one another and are designed by the people that make them in the Philippines. Cotopaxi has a clothing equivalent too, called the Teca Collection.

Cotopaxi Batac 24L Backpack front compartment

The structure and features of the Batac 24L Backpacks all remain the same, though. In terms of storage this means three large, separate compartments. The front compartment has side zip access – it’s a full-height compartment and has a small mesh sleeve.

Cotopaxi Batac 24L Backpack main compartment

The main compartment has a hanging zipped mesh pocket and divider, which can be used as hydration bladder sleeve – there's an opening at the top to feed the tube through. Then, the rear compartment is a laptop sleeve. Somewhat surprisingly, there is also daisy chain webbing on the front for attaching gear externally.

Cotopaxi Batac 24L Backpack chest and shoulder strap

There isn’t exactly a back system to speak of – no suspended mesh or padded back panel – and the shoulder straps are lined with a lightweight mesh for breathability. You do get an adjustable chest strap, but no hip belt.

The Batac 24L weighs just 482g, so it’s very light, but the main fabrics and zips feel durable and long-lasting. The weight saving is largely down to a lack of frame or solid back panel.

Performance and comfort

LFTO tester wearing Cotopaxi Batac 24L Backpack

From our testing, the Batac 24L delivered on the kind of performance and comfort we were expecting from it. That is, packed with a light load – liquids, food, a couple of spare layers and accessories – the Batac 24L is a perfectly comfortable pack to use on country walks and easier hikes.

The simple straps are comfortable but the lack of hip belt, back panel, and frame makes the Batac 24L unsuitable for heavier loads.

We liked the large front pocket – a lot of hiking daypacks have a simple stash pocket instead, but a closed zip ensures kit is stored securely and still easily accessible.

Putting a laptop into Cotopaxi Batac 24L Backpack laptop sleeve

In everyday scenarios, the Batac 24L is a lot better than hardcore hiking packs. Its uncomplicated storage compartments are so easy to use and access, plus the addition of a laptop sleeve is very valuable. Then of course there’s the Batac 24L’s looks, which blend into urban and travel settings effortlessly.

With each Batac being a bright, unique colour arrangement, it's easy to keep an eye on and identify your own bag too.


Cotopaxi Batac 24L Backpack shoulder strap with logo

It’s important that we demand outdoor gear brands proactively improve the sustainability of their businesses in every aspect.

Cotopaxi is doing better than most in this area. It’s a certified B Corp business, which means it is independently assessed to meet high levels of transparency, social and environmental standards. Cotopaxi also fully offsets its carbon emissions and is a certified climate neutral business.

Cotopaxi makes a big effort to use sustainable materials. It states that 94% of its products contain ‘recycled, repurposed, or otherwise responsible materials’ and aims to make all its gear in this way by 2025.

The Batac 24L is one of Cotopaxi’s more sustainable products, thanks to the use of repurposed material.

Price and competition

Cotopaxi Batac 24L Backpack model label and zip

At £70, the Batac 24L is well priced, especially considering its versatility and the healthy eco credentials.

If you are after something more hiking focused, there are of course many options, including from Cotopaxi. It has its Inca 26L Backpack, which has a better back system and several hiking-oriented features. From other brands, the Salewa Alp Mate 26, for example, is an excellent hiking pack at a good price, and Salewa is a Fair Wear Foundation member.


If you’re after a jack-of-all-trades backpack, the Batac 24L fits the bill. It’s well priced, sustainable, and is a sound option for easy hikes, everyday use, and travel.

How we tested

Chris Williams hiking in Lake District wearing Artilect Divide Fusion Stretch Jacket

Chris Williams is one of our staff writers and gear testers, and carried out our test and review of the Cotopaxi Batac 24L. He tested it in a range of scenarios, from everyday use to hikes in the Yorkshire Dales.

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