Montane Icemelt Thermo (2017)


Montane Icemelt Thermos are warmer gloves, thanks to the use of Primaloft Gold synthetic insulation. There is also a Gore-Tex waterproof lining with leather on the palm and fingers for more durability. Stretch soft shell fabric is provided for a closer fit on the back of the hand, wrist and cuff. The wrist is elasticated with no adjustment, while the cuff has a drawcord but no leash. There isn’t a nose wipe either. 3/5


The unisex size range is S-XL, so not the widest. I found there is some bunching of the lining material, and these are not quite as neat a fit as some other options. The wrist and cuff fit better than the hand, and the cuff can be adjusted to fit inside or outside a jacket sleeve. There is no adjustment on the wrist apart from elastication. 3/5


The slight bunching of the lining means you need to manoeuvre your hand a little to smooth out the material. Montane Icemelt Thermos do feel warmer than lower-priced, pile-lined gloves on the hand, but the wrist is noticeably less warm. The stretch material on the wrist is more comfortable than the material in the fingers, but not as warm. The fingers also feel stiffer than some other gloves. 3/5

In use

When worn with the cuff inside a jacket sleeve the Montane Icemelt Thermo feels warm and robust as the thinner wrist area is well protected by the jacket. Manual dexterity is not as good as in other gloves, though, and if you have to take these gloves off there is no wrist leash (although one could be attached). There is no nose wipe either. So not the best, but they are warmer than other gloves in the hand area. 4/5


Having Primaloft Gold insulation increases the warmth, and the cost – but these are not quite as good as their price tag may suggest. 3/5


The Montane Icemelt Thermo has the benefit of warmth and durability in the hand area but lacks some details that some walkers may value. 3.2/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2017