PRICE: £45 (2010)

Used by Ben Weeks, Trail News and Features Writer
Used for 4 years

When it starts to rain you slip into your hard shell jacket and overtrousers, and bingo – you’re waterproof. What you don’t do is take off your walking trousers, dig in your pack for your waterproof legwear and put them on. So why do that with gloves? Unless it’s really cold and I’m going to be wrist-deep in snow, full winter gloves are overkill. If it’s just a bit chilly I’ll take a pair of lighter windproof gloves and pack my Tuff Bags in my jacket pocket. If, or rather, when it rains, I slip the waterproof Gore-Tex mitts over my regular gloves and I have warm and dry hands. Since I bought them these Tuff Bags have been on every mountain trip with me. The grip on the palm has almost peeled away completely, but that just shows how much use they’ve had. When they do eventually leak, they’ll be buried with full honours and replaced with a new pair.

Verdict An absolute outdoor essential.