The best camping cutlery reviewed (2023)

Easy to clean and lightweight these small accessories are a necessary addition to your pack.

Spork in a cup of Horlicks - camping cutlery

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Camping cutlery is a little camping accessory that is all too easy to overlook when you're planning a big camping trip or hike.

You'll remember the stove, mess tins, pots and pans. You might even have a lightweight chair sorted. But the actual instruments of eating are so often forgotten.

Anything can be used as cutlery in a pinch, but there's something so undignified about eating a plate of beans with a house key or tent peg. So, in order to save you from this shameful fate, we've found the camping cutlery that you'll pack first out of sheer excitement to use it.

There's an array of items available out there, from the humble spork to proper five-piece travel sets. All have their pros and cons and are best suited to different scenarios. That's why it's important to match the right camping cutlery to the right outdoor excursion. Yes, it does matter, as a matter of fact.

Our camping cutlery shortlist

Gerber ComplEAT - Best in test

Primus Campfire Cutlery Set - Best value

Full Windsor Magware Magnetic Flatware - Best lightweight cutlery set

Sea To Summit Titanium Spork - Best spork

Optimus Sliding Spoon - Best spoon

Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Food Jar - Best food container

Light My Fire LunchKit BIO - Best food kit

With a sea of options out there, we've made things simple for you and assembled our favourite cutlery options available for your next camping trip. Tuck in!

The best camping cutlery

Best in test

Gerber ComplEAT with award overlay

Rrp: £39.20

Price: £39.20


Making something as mundane as cutlery into something interesting is more impressive than


  • Very clever design
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight


  • The peeler isn't that good

Best value


Of all the million and one basic camping cutlery sets, we like this one best because it is


  • Excellent value
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to use


  • Not the most compact or lightweight option

Best lightweight cutlery set

Full Windsor Magware Magnetic Flatware
Price: £42.37


We've used this set for quite some time, and it's a great set. It weighs just 56g and manages to


  • Magnetic
  • Recycled polyester pouch
  • Very strong


  • Stitching around the Velcro tabs isn't very strong

Best spork


If you're a sporker, you're a gram counter. And as a gram counter, you'll be besotted with this


  • Incredibly light
  • Strong
  • Carabiner included


  • There are cheaper sporks out there

Best spoon


Those who eat camping meals directly from the pack can save themselves carrying extra kitchenware.


  • Space-saving
  • BPA-free
  • Lightweight


  • You may prefer metal cutlery

Best food container

Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Food Jar
Price: £35.99


This looks like a food jar with a spork attached, and you might wonder why it's in a cutlery


  • Suitable for hot or cold food
  • Extra compartment inside lid
  • Leakproof


  • Heavy

Best food kit


The LunchKit gives you bountiful and versatile food storage. Despite being called a


  • Quite compact
  • Made from biobased plastic
  • Rounded edges make it easy to clean


  • Not leakproof

What to look for in camping cutlery

Eating food at camp at Carn Fiaclach, Scotland
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Size and weight: Apart from no cutlery at all, the spork is the best lightweight option. It's the bivvy bag of cutlery. At the other end of the spectrum, a multi-piece set is comprehensive but bulky. Choose what's best for you.

Material: Plastic cutlery tends to be the cheapest, but knives, in particular, aren't usually great to use. However, metal options made from stainless steel are very durable, while titanium ones are more expensive but very lightweight and strong.

What are you eating? For those eating straight from the food pouch, a spork or spoon will see you right. But for those whipping up something a little more sophisticated, get a set. You'll already be bringing a stove and some cookware. It'd be silly not to have the right utensils too.

Dishwasher safe: If this matters to you, make sure whatever option you go for is dishwasher safe. Easy.

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