Milo Wilson

Milo testing camping airbeds at cloud farm campsite in chilly exmoor
Milo testing camping airbeds at cloud farm campsite in chilly exmoor

Milo Wilson is a digital content writer for Live For The Outdoors and an all-around swell chap. Put him outside and he's happy, much like a golden doodle. Milo is massively into hiking, trail running, camping, and kebabs. As a full-time gear tester, he's always getting stuck in and making sure we only recommend the best kit.

This might mean spending a chilly week at Cloud Farm Campsite in Exmoor and switching his airbed every night to rate their comfort levels, or charging through streams in the Lake District to ensure that his winter walking boots are 100% waterproof – occasionally to his chagrin.

Milo's top tip for budding outdoor enthusiasts is to get lost every now and again. Hillwalking isn't all about bagging summits or FKTs, at least not for him. Exploring your surroundings and connecting to the environment is a rewarding and frankly awesome thing to do. Obviously, bring some navigational backup for when you're finished being lost, but do have a go at keeping your eyes off the map for a while.

Also, buy good footwear. Quality walking boots can save your toes from freezing and your ankles from twisting, and don't even think about taking your runs off road without proper trail running shoes. If there's one investment you make to improve your experience outside, it should be buying some good footwear, preferably through articles I wrote so I can impress my boss. I'm serious, look, I've even shifted into first-person. I shouldn't've been allowed to write my own author bio.