Berghaus Stormcloud Jacket Review 2016

Berghaus Stormcloud Jacket Review 2016

by Live for the Outdoors |


Updated for 2016 from Berghaus’s AQ2 material to the brand’s Hydroshell fabric, the Stormcloud still offers the same basic performance. The 2-layer fabric keeps weight down and improves suppleness, but it does not control condensation as well as 3-layer or mesh-lined jackets. The two main pockets are sealed rather than mesh, so they are watertight. The hood does not have a wired peak. 3/5


The men’s is available in S-XXL and the women’s in 8-18. The body is quite short so you don’t get much protection for your bum. The sleeves are quite a close fit, while the hood fits very closely and moves well with the head. The hem and cuffs don’t ride up when raising your arms. Overall this has a far more tailored fit than many jackets in its price band. 5/5


Combining a 2-layer fabric with a closer fit means the Berghaus Stormcloud is a little clammier than some other designs. It is quite a thin fabric too, so in really windy weather you can feel a bit cold and battered. The pockets are sealed rather than mesh-lined, though, so at least you’re more likely to stay dry in this compared to jackets with mesh pockets. 3/5


If you put on a rucksack with a hipbelt it is not easy to get into the main pockets, which isn’t ideal (and there are no additional pockets). But at least they are map-sized. The hood would benefit from a wired or more stiffened peak to be perfect, but its fit and movement are very good. The weight of 319g (size L) is a real bonus so while not perfect this is better than many for hillwalkers. 3/5


For its price the Berghaus Stormcloud is very good, but if you pay more you do get a much better jacket. RRP £80. 5/5


If your budget is very tight then the Berghaus Stormcloud is a perfectly good jacket, but if you can pay more you get many benefits. 3.8/5

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