Zamberlan Dufur GTX 2017

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Zamberlan Dufur GTX 2017

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The weight of 1786g (pair, size 46) is instantly appealing, and on the shelf the Zamberlan Dufur GTX looks like a well-featured boot. You get a Gore-Tex waterproof lining behind the upper, which is made from leather with synthetic Cordura and has a full rubber rand. The Vibram outsole has good lugs that are shallower than others, so while they are adequate, others are better for soft ground without crampons.



The men’s sizes are 40-48 and the women’s are 37-43. The fit feels less precise and more spacious than the higher-priced boots – and is a little stiffer around the ankle cuff. There is less forward flex in the ankle cuff, which may be a benefit for mountaineering, but a drawback for walking, and it does not feel as close and precise as other mountaineering designs.



The Zamberlan Dufur GTX is slightly less comfortable than higher-priced boots, and while the difference is small, it is a factor when choosing between models. Higher-priced boots have more cushioning around the foot. The rolling action when walking on level ground is not quite as smooth as higher-priced boots either, so again this is not the most comfortable option.



You do get a good supportive upper and ankle cuff here, and for general walking the Zamberlan Dufur GTX is good. But the smoother rolling action of the sole and the soft ankle flex of higher-priced boots are noticeable. Also the outside lugs are not as deep as on higher-priced boots. You can fit a crampon with a heel clip though for ice use. The spacious toe does not feel as precise as narrower designs for mountaineering.



The price is lower, but performance is lower too. If you don’t need the absolute best option this impresses in terms of value for money.



If you’re on a budget the Zamberlan Dufur GTX is a good boot but you get better performance if you can pay a little more.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine January 2017

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