The best hiking sandals reviewed (2023)

Leave the boots behind and hit the trails in something a little more comfortable, if a bit 'Dad on Holiday'

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A good pair of hiking sandals is just what you need when it comes time to liberate your feet in the baking summer heat. With tough and grippy outsoles as well as durable uppers, chunky walking boots are no longer the only option for tackling tricky terrain.

In theory, summertime and hiking are a match made in heaven, like jam and cream, or fish and chips, or those two dogs from that Disney film who slurp up the same bit of spaghetti. However, reality is never so simple. It just isn't possible to enjoy a rewarding hill climb and a beautiful view when your big hiking shoes are roasting your feet well past medium rare!

Hence, this simple yet underrated fix. It's a typical move to buy bunch of camping gadgets to mitigate the ongoing assaults of midges and pollen in the summer (for which, if you're interested, we've recommended some helpful products at the end of this article). But, for whatever reason, the problem of overheating feet seems to have slipped under most of our radars. Not anymore though – sandals are the one buy that can instantly transform your summer adventures.

Best hiking sandals for outdoor adventures 2023
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Modern tech has lead to some fantastic innovations across the whole outdoor industry. This year, as summer rolls in, we've been testing the latest and best hiking sandals from leading outdoor brands. We're looking for ultra-protective, technical sandals that can handle all kinds of terrain while still facilitating good airflow and a lightweight feel. That's a lot to ask, and we've only included the very strongest contenders in this roundup.

Our Shortlist

Keen Newport H2 Sandal – Best in test

Lizard Super Hike – Best value

Merrell Speed Fusion Strap – Best sandal for long hikes

Teva Terra Fi 5 Universal – Best hiking sandal for tough terrain

Craghoppers Locke Sandals – Best minimalist hiking sandal

Ecco Offroad – Best leather hiking sandal

Finding the hiking sandals that work for you can totally revolutionise your wild walks in the sun. Whether you're looking for plush cushioning for song easy treks, or a stiff and protective outsole to take on the tougher terrain, we've got your back. Take a look at our picks and see which style suits your approach.

The Best Hiking Sandals in Detail

Best in Test


Described by some as ‘the World’s Ugliest Sandal’, Keen's aim with the Newport was simple: create


  • Tough construction
  • Protective toebox
  • Easy lace-lock bungee system


  • Debris can fill toebox

Best Value

Lizard Super Hike best technical sandals
Price: £29.99 (RRP £100)


What impresses us about the Lizard Super Hike is how it manages to be light and minimalist while


  • Excellent technical performance
  • Straps lock firmly
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Not the most durable

Best for long hikes


These rugged and comfortable sandals from Merrell may cost a pretty penny, but we reckon they're


  • Very comfortable footbed
  • Rugged outsole
  • Great cushioning on heel strap


  • Tough, but no toebox

Best for tough terrain


At first glance this looks just like a regular sandal, best suited to holidays and park walks, but


  • Feel light on your feet
  • Good sustainability credentials
  • Surprisingly durable outsole


  • Flexible footbed doesn't provide much support

Best minimalist sandal


While not the chunkiest of sandals, these Craghoppers have a lot going for them if crag-hopping is


  • Sustainable construction
  • Uniquely incorporated insect repellent


  • Not as tough as other choices

Best leather sandal


In the same way that there’s still plenty of demand for the traditional [leather walking


  • Long-lasting materials
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Very comfortable fit


  • Prioritises comfort over technical performance

What To Look For In Hiking Sandals

Best hiking sandals reviewed summer hikes


Any decent hiking sandal needs to be crafted from quick-drying materials that won’t wear out after a handful of adventures. You also want the outsole to grip well even when wet; sandals and water go hand-in-hand. The excellent traction offered by Vibram rubber soles is used in some of the best models, while padded neoprene and leather are also popular thanks to their comfort and durability.

Good walking sandals can be costly, but you're mainly paying for the quality of the materials. If you plan on picking up a pair for anything remotely challenging, we think it's well worth the cost. Cheaper models sold for casual beach trips simply don’t stack up.


It's worth considering the type of hiking sandal that best suits your needs. Even at the top level, there's a lot of variation in how much support and protection different sandals offer. Minimalist models may just feature a grippy sole and a y-strap to hold your foot in place, which may be all you need. If you're going to be hitting some harder terrain, you'll need something much tougher.

The most rugged sandals all look like a hiking shoe's skeleton. The rib-cage design excellently serves a dual purpose, providing the breathability and freedom of a sandal with the protective shield and toe box of a trail shoe. You won't find better – but you will have to come to terms with not caring how you look.

More kit for surviving summer

best net for midge repellent
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These recommendations come from our tough-as-nails gear editor, Ben Weeks. There is nobody else on the LFTO team who would even dream of facing down the amount of midges that Ben deals with on a regular basis. The guy is like Superman, but rather than being born with ultra-strong skin, he makes use of specialised outdoor kit to become impervious to damage. Here are the essential bits of gear that Ben won't go through summer without:

Best insect repellent


This spray was developed and tested in Scotland – home of the heinous midge horde. Smidge is our


Whack this over your face and feel smug as you storm through cloud after cloud of midges and

Best allergy tablets

Allevia hayfever tablets

Rrp: £10.49

Price: £8.99


It's a tough gig being an outdoor gear tester with severe hayfever. One member of the LFTO team –

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