Alt-Berg Yan Tan Walking Boots

Alt-Berg Yan Tan Walking Boots

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If you can’t be bothered with all the flimsy, flexy light/fast stuff, you can get a fabric boot that’s as chunky and tough as a leather one, just a bit more fun and with a smidge more suppleness. The Yorkshire-made Yan Tan is the perfect example: a marriage of lightweight nubuck leather with mesh fabric, creating a boot that is tough, stiff and sturdy, with loads of support. Altberg say it has ‘medium’ waterproofing, which essentially means it’ll be okay in a squall or drizzle, but won’t stand up to full submergence or persistent heavy rain. And from my experience, that’s fair enough. It feels clunky to start with, but after even just a mile it starts to adapt to your foot, and by three miles it’s like you’re in slippers. The toe-box is narrow and there’s not a lot of volume in it, so it can feel a little constricting – but at least it keeps your foot steady and stable, whatever the ground is doing.


RRP: £175

Sizes: 3-14

Weight: 1436g (pair)

Waterproof/breathable lining: Sympatex


Women’s version: Yes

Contact: 01748 826922,


Superb all-terrain bomber with all the comfort and resilience of a leather boot.

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