Bergans Bera Review

These are the walking trousers Billy Elliot would wear. They are extremely slender down the leg (thankfully they are slightly more generous around the crotch), so when worn, they feel almost like a leotard. But then, right down at the hem, they explode into multiple features, like a thick abrasion patch, a scrunchy elasticated hemline and a sticky internal strip that locks solid over your boot-tops.

In fact the Beras as a whole are a curiously uncertain mix of minimalist lightweight racing pants and premium-featured technical trousers. There’s no cargo pocket, there are very few seams, the fit is super-athletic – and yet suddenly they throw on a load of extra features at the base. For this reason I find them rather unadaptable. And you have to be very proud of your leg muscles to wear them with confidence, because the fit is so anatomically correct. So if you’re a well-built, athletic mover who wants to power through mud, bog and boulder fields, they will do nicely. If you like a more relaxed fit and a good balance of features, less so.

Target Price £ 95.


 Size: S-XXL

Fabric: 88% polyamide, 12% elastane

Weight: 361g

Contact: 01825 740082,


PROS: Terrific features around the ankle cuff, very stretchy fabric.

CONS: Athletic cut won’t suit everyone, not many storage options.

Comfort: 3/5

Weatherproofing: 4/5

Ventilation: 3/5

Value for money 3/5

Best for: Athletic walkers who really want to seal their legs up tightly.

Review from Country Walking magazine