The wild camping code

How to enjoy wild camping while treating the natural environment with care and respect

Wild camping code

by Ben Weeks |

The wild camping code:

- Camp high on open hills away from main tracks, houses and farms

  • Minimise numbers of people and tents - Pitch your camp late in the evening and leave early in the morning
  • Don't dig drainage ditches, trample plants or move rocks - If asked by a landowner move on, do so respectfully and without argument
  • Don't light any fires; use a proper camping stove for cooking - Toileting should be well away from any water source or path (30m or more)
  • Paper and sanitary items should be bagged up and carried out, not buried - Do not use streams or rivers for washing with soaps or detergent
  • Maintain the peace by aiming to be as quiet as possible during your camp - Don't remain in the same spot for more than two nights maximum
  • Bag up and carry out all litter, including food scraps - Leave no trace that you've camped
Wild camping code
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