Step into spring with Bridgedale socks

Here's why you should treat your feet on spring mountain adventures with a pair of Bridgedale hiking socks

Walkers in Bridgedale socks

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Spring is on its way, which means one joyous thing – it’s time to head for the hills. With a pair of comfy, durable and high-performing Bridgedale socks, you’ll be ready to renew your mountain adventures after the winter break.

Hope springs eternal at this time of year. The long, dark, cold nights of winter will soon be a distant memory. Plants begin to bloom, baby lambs are born, sunlight hours elongate and – best of all – the hills welcome us back for epic days of springtime hiking. For many it’s a favourite time of year for walking, whether it’s a sun-drenched ridge traverse in Snowdonia or the Lake District, or a gentle bimble on local countryside trails.

If, like us, you’re itching to head for the hills this spring, you’ll need a good pair of hiking socks. The humble sock is an often overlooked item of outdoor clothing, but it’s a vital piece of the puzzle that shouldn’t be neglected. Wearing an expensive pair of high-quality hiking boots with a sub-standard pair of socks is like filling the tank of a top-of-the-range Ferrari with apple juice. It’s a bad idea.

Bridgedale socks

A poor-performing, badly-fitting pair of socks will cause you a myriad of problems. Your feet will be too hot and sweaty, inadequately cushioned and protected, and ultimately uncomfortable and unhappy. The end result will be hotspots, pinch-points and excruciating blisters – enough to ruin your hiking experience.

Conversely, a good pair of hiking socks will be your ticket to pain-free hiking bliss. They will cushion and protect your feet, fit comfortably and wick away moisture quickly. Sock supremos Bridgedale are well-known for making the most comfortable and durable socks on the market. Here are their tips on what to look out for when buying your next pair of socks for a springtime adventure.

Thickness and weight

Bridgedale socks come in four weight categories: heavyweight, midweight, lightweight and ultralight. Heavyweight socks are warm and thick with plush cushioning, but they’re better suited to winter. For spring hiking you’ll want midweight, lightweight or ultralight options, depending on the weather and your personal preferences.

Midweight socks are designed for three-season conditions from spring to autumn, offering a good balance between cushioning, temperature regulation, comfort and protection. They pair excellently with sturdier hiking boots.

Walkers in Bridgedale socks
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Lightweight socks are cool, breathable and fast-wicking, combining dense underfoot cushioning for comfort with an open knit structure for breathability. They are designed for warmer weather hiking and work in harmony with lighter footwear such as trail shoes.

With an even lower weight, ultralight socks are super-light, super-breathable and work excellently in hot weather. Despite their lightness, they are still very resilient, providing micro-cushioning for all-day comfort, as well as large areas of mesh venting for first-rate breathability.


Bridgedale hiking socks have two ‘fit’ families: performance and comfort. Each has different yarn types and cuffs. Performance has a contoured knit with a close, supportive fit from foot to calf. Comfort has a more casual knit that fits the calf and ankle comfortably. Performance is better for multi-day treks and big mountain outings, while Comfort is favoured by day hikers who prefer the cuff’s softness and versatility.

After pioneering the practice in the 1990s, Bridgedale is a market leader in female-specific socks too. These are designed to fit the anatomy of the female foot, which is generally narrower, slimmer with higher arches, ensuring the perfect fit for female outdoor enthusiasts.

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Bridgedale socks comes in five lengths: low, ankle, ¾ crew, boot crew and knee overcalf. Higher length socks provide better coverage and protection, but can sometimes be too warm. Lower length socks are lighter and more agile, but may not be high enough to prevent your heel or ankle rubbing against your footwear. The boot crew length is Bridgedale’s most popular for all-day hiking.


Walking socks are usually made from merino wool, nylon or polyester, or a mix of these fibres. Merino is warm when wet, odour-resistant, comfy and moisture-wicking, while nylon and polyester are synthetic fibres that are quick-drying and hard-wearing. Elastane is often added for a bit of stretch too. FusionTech is the name Bridgedale gives to the unique blend of yarns in its socks, all of which are designed to wick moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry, warm and comfy.

3 of the best Bridgedale socks for spring hiking adventures

Men's Midweight Merino Performance Boot - £24

Bridgedale socks

This boot-length, merino-nylon sock – which features advanced zonal padding for unrivalled levels of support and cushioning – will keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable on long-distance treks. SHOP NOW

Women's Lightweight Coolmax Comfort Boot - £21

Bridgedalr socks

Lightweight, soft and fast-wicking, this women’s-specific sock – which has a boot-length and an unrestrictive knit – is designed for hiking in warmer climes. SHOP NOW

Women's Ultra Light Merino Performance 3/4 Crew - £23

Bridgedale socks

For hotter spring days and summer hikes, this ultra-light and cushioned women’s-specific sock will keep your feet cool, comfortable and dry, as well as cushioned via zonal padding. SHOP NOW

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