Keen Hyperport H2 Sandal | Reviewed and rated

We test out Keen’s rough, tough (and kinda beautiful) new sandal, that wants to be your new best friend on the beach, in the woods and round the lake.

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Keen Hyperport H2 Sandal review

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The Keen Hyperport H2 Sandal claims to deliver the perfect mix of versatility and comfort as a piece of hiking footwear, but how does that stack up when put to the test? We've given it a serious thrashing on our spring walks to find out.

"Do people really go hiking in sandals? Like, proper hiking, with rocks and stuff?" We’ve been asked that more than once, and it’s understandable. We spend a lot of our time explaining why tough, protective boots and shoes are really important if you’re wandering off into rugged countryside. We also talk a lot about the importance of good socks.

So why would we suggest it’s a good idea to head out in an item of footwear that leaves parts of your foot uncovered, and which does not (in fashion terms, at least) permit the wearing of socks? It sounds slightly mad, like we’re abandoning all those principles of safety and protection in favour of just being underdressed.

But then you look at a brand like Keen, who make truly extraordinary sandals. The kind you genuinely can take on a tough, stony footpath, and up and down steep hills. They're less like bulked-up sandals and more like carefully stripped-down hiking shoes, with protection where you need it, good traction underfoot, and ergonomic footbeds that feel a dozen times comfier than any flip-flop or Croc.

Crucially, they also let your feet breathe – more effectively than even the best-ventilated hiking shoe – giving you that sense of sunlit, summery liberation and the confidence to tackle tough trails. Plus the added benefit of being able to dip them in fresh or even saltwater without too much damage being done.

Keen’s long history in great sandals includes evergreen models such as the Newport, the Clearwater and the paracord-happy UNEEK. But the new Hyperport H2 aims to take that blend of fun and function even further (and you along with it).


  • Plenty of protection
  • Anti-odour anatomical foam footbed
  • Good grip
  • Easy but effective bungee cord adjustment
  • Toughened toe bumper
  • Shock-absorbing midsole
  • Excellent ecological credentials incl PFAS-free Durable Water Repellent


  • May not suit narrower feet as sweetly
  • Keen website does not offer UK pricing
  • Over-elaborate compared to most simpler hiking sandals

Design and features

The Hyperport is an effective blend of softness and strength. The washable polyester upper felt super-smooth over the top edges of our tester's foot, extending into a stretchy heel cup which closes snugly and protectively around the Achilles area. Some walkers will always treasure a heel adjustment strap, which the Hyperport doesn’t have, but the drawcord adjustment means you barely need one.

The insole is ergonomically designed, with excellent arch support and an odour-repellent treatment. But at the heart of the Hyperport is the ’extra thick and extra airy’ foam midsole, which we found superb at cushioning the foot against impacts – especially downhill. Even just prodding it and digging a nail into it feels pleasant, and offers reassurance that it will absorb the shocks of a steep, stony descent. Which in our experience it does.

Finally, the outsole, which is spliced directly into the midsole assembly, creating a smooth, flat, rolling motion while also saving precious grams. It’s made with Keen’s Aquagrip rubber, which we found provides good, sticky traction over most surfaces – including wet rock. The tread pattern might not be as sophisticated as that of a hiking shoe (or that of a rival sandal like the Merrell Kahuna), which means traction is a tad less impressive through sloppy mud and scree. But over rock, sand and grass, the multi-directional lugs are still highly effective.

The whole of the upper is pulled taut by a tough drawcord for a personalised fit. We’ve had a Keen drawcord snap on us before, but the cord on this model definitely seems thicker and more robust. We’ve given it some urgent yanks of on-the-go adjustment without any sense it’s going to let us down.

Last but not least: just look at the toe-box. It’s properly tough and scuff-resistant. It’s still made with the same slightly squidgy foam used in the midsole (rather than the toughened rubber of Keen’s hiking boots and shoes), but you can accidentally kick a decently-sized immovable boulder and not come away yelping. Trust us on that.

And a final point on weight: at 266g (women’s size 7) the Hyperport might not be the lightest sandal out there, but given its robustness that’s to be expected. But also, that’s still substantially lighter than rivals like the Meindl Capri (318g) and Merrell Kahuna (320g).


Keen Hyperport H2 Sandal Ankle and heel

Keen footwear is renowned for its generous fit. This model uses Keen's Original Fit last, so if you’re comfortable in standard Keen footwear, you should be right at home here – especially if you have a wider foot and splayed toes. Those with narrower feet should still give it a look though; try going down a size and pulling the cord as taut as possible.


We’ve tried the Hyperport over pretty much every UK surface: sandy beach, rocky shore, farmland, woodland, low hills and rocky peaks – and it has excelled on almost all of them. Obviously we’re not going to suggest that its best use is as a mountain shoe; clearly something that leaves your feet so exposed shouldn’t be your go-to peak-bagging footwear. But the point is, protection issues aside, it still performs like a hill shoe, thanks to that close fit and cushioned midsole.

Keen Hyperport H2 Sandal

Where it’s happiest, of course, is by the sea. But we don’t just mean pottering around on the beach, though of course it’s wonderful for that. Assuming the conditions are warm and dry, you can take it much further than the beach, onto coastal footpaths, over dunes and sandy heaths, up onto spiky granite headlands, and onwards into chalky, grassy downland. It loves all of that.

And thanks to that relative lightness, you can go quite fast in it, too.


Keen are among the most ecologically sensitive outdoor brands. Their slogan ‘consciously created’ refers to their endeavours to make every part of their manufacturing process (and after-life destiny) as low-impact as possible.

They say the PFAS-free, durable water repellent treatment (DWR) repels water just as well as forever chemicals without harming the planet. You might ask why a water-repellent treatment is needed on a sandal, when any kind of contact with water will get your feet wet. But the DWR helps make that a less soggy experience by drying out the fabric swiftly, and preventing moisture from doing serious damage to the fabric – especially if it’s saltwater. It also means the fabric – along with the sandal as a whole – is washable.

Keen Hyperport H2 Sandal Footbed

The anti-odour treatment used in the footbed is all-natural and pesticide-free.

You can find out more about the ‘consciously created’ ethos on Keen’s website, but the main pillars of the program are:

- Harvesting waste to make new shoes

- Supply chain transparency and ethically sourced materials

- Eliminating the use of ‘forever chemicals’ such as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances)

- Using long-lasting materials to reduce the amount of footwear you need to buy

All of which is thoroughly commendable. On the downside, Keen’s in-house warranty program is a little hard to follow and is mostly directed at US customers, and they have no repair program. But you may be able to explore warranty options with the retailer you buy from.

Price and competition

Annoyingly, Keen’s website has ceased showing prices in UK pounds and is US-only. The UK RRP is £95, which is a lot for a sandal. But when you consider all of the above, it’s hard to think of the Hyperport as ‘just’ a sandal. And we’ve found it for between £70 and £89 online at a range of UK retailers.

That’s more than the ever-popular (but lower-spec) Teva Terra Fi (RRP £75) but less than truly comparable rivals like the Merrell Kahuna III (RRP £100) or Meindl Capri (RRP £120).


The name ‘Hyperport’ suggests this is designed to be an upgrade on Keen’s longtime bestselling hiking sandal, the Newport. But there are clear differences that might make you opt for the new kid on the block.

The Newport is a complex sandal which has mountain-worthy credentials thanks to its more traditional separation of insole, midsole and outsole. But it also weighs more and has been described as ‘the world’s ugliest sandal’. We think the Hyperport is an attempt to soften and lighten those edges and create a hard-wearing, functional sandal that looks a bit nicer and is just really fun to wear.

By those metrics, the Hyperport succeeds in style. This is a go-almost-anywhere sandal that feels fabulous underfoot and is ready to keep you swathed and protected, while still looking like you’re having fun out there.

How we tested

Over several weeks, Liz Hallissey took the Hyperport to the South Downs, the County Durham coast, the Lake District and the tors of Dartmoor. Spending a longer period of time using it has given us a true understanding of how well it performs, its durability, and what kind of walks it would best suit.

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