Vaude Wizard 18 + 4 (2016)

Vaude Wizard 18 + 4 (2016)

by Graham Thompson |
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The Aeroflex back system holds the body of the sack away from the user; the back length can be adjusted too. The main compartment has a zipped opening and you also get a very useful huge front zip pocket. The volume of the sack can be adjusted from 18 to 22 litres by zipping a baffle that extends around the pack, while compression straps provide further control. It is a bit heavy at 956g though. 4/5

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The Vaude Wizard 18+4 is a men’s sack (the nearest women’s option is the Tacora 26 at £75). The Aeroflex back system has shoulder straps that can be lengthened to suit taller or larger users, but the take-off point for the straps cannot be adjusted, so you’re not actually adjusting the overall back length. On me the option to move the shoulder harness would improve the fit. 4/5


The amount of airflow can be adjusted by tensioning the back ‘trampoline’ so the pack sits closer to or further from the back. Being able to adjust the length of the shoulder straps also improves comfort and the hipbelt fins are well-padded and have cutaway areas. Overall this offers a good level of comfort for walkers. 5/5


The main compartment has zipped access and there is a front zipped pocket too. The most useful feature is the big bellows that are opened with a zip and allows the bag to be compressed if you don’t need full capacity. It is good there are stretch side pockets too, and compression straps. But you don’t get hipbelt pockets, nor a buckle, both of which would be on my wish list. 4/5


There are a lot of packs around this price. It is the back system that sets this apart and makes it slightly better value than some others. 4/5


If you like more airflow across the back system combined with a zipped opening then the Vaude Wizard 18+4 is a great pack, but others are lighter. 4.2/5


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine August 2016

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