Vango Sherpa 60 + 10 (2016)

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Vango Sherpa 60 + 10 (2016)

by Graham Thompson |
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Vango’s Self Adjust back system allows the fit to be fine-tuned while wearing the rucksack. The capacity of 60 to 70 litres is provided by a main compartment with top and base entry, but there is no divider to create a base compartment. However, you do get big side pockets and compressions straps that work well with stretch wand pockets. The lid is a fixed rather than a floating design. 4/5

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It’s available in a men’s and women’s version with one size each, but the back length is adjustable while being worn, thanks to the Self Adjust back system, which allows the shoulder straps to be raised or lowered. The fit was fairly close on me although not as well-contoured to the shoulders as higher-priced models, but the padding helps to mould the fit a little. 4/5


Again the ample padding helps improve the fit beyond those that are stiffer, and so while the fit isn’t perfect this does feel reasonably comfortable. The hipbelt and shoulder straps aren’t supportive enough for heavier loads, though; but at least they remain comfier than stiffer designs with less padding. 4/5


There is entry to the base of the main compartment, but no divider to create a base compartment, so I used two waterproof stuffsack liners: one to create a base compartment and one to create a watertight main compartment. Some may want an expanding lid for when they take on food supplies. It feels a little less durable than higher-priced designs. 4/5


This pack is very good for its £85 price tag, and although it’s not perfect it would be my choice on a limited budget. 5/5


Good fit, comfort and performance to suit most general backpacking needs, but pay more and you’ll get improvements in all areas. It won Trail’s ‘Approved’ accolade. 4.2/5


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Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine April 2016

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