Lowe Alpine Prism 22 (2016)

Lowe Alpine Prism 22 (2016)

by Graham Thompson |
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The key feature here is the weight of just 424g. The drawback is that you don’t get many features other than a relatively tough 210 denier ripstop nylon (rather than less durable polyester provided by lower-priced designs) with a drawcord opening and a single-buckle lid. There is a thin waistbelt and mesh shoulder straps. There is just one small lid pocket. It’s very lightweight however and feels durable. 4/5


The Lowe Alpine Prism 22 has no back length adjustment and no women’s version, so it fits or it doesn’t. The back has no raised mouldings so even if it sits high on your back it is not too much of a problem, and as there is no hipbelt the thin waistbelt can sit almost anywhere to stabilise the load. Definitely one to try, but on me it sits fine with the waistbelt around my belly button area. 3/5


The weight of 424g is no burden at all, but there is no airflow across the back and the nylon sits directly on you so it is pretty sweaty. The shoulder straps are very comfy however. The waistbelt is not padded at all and it sits around your waist so comfort will depend on your body shape and how you load the sack. Just about any other sack is more comfortable though. 3/5


For travelling light and fast the Lowe Alpine Prism 22 is superb but you need to be prepared to forgo other benefits. It does sit stably on your back, but you only get one pocket and that is too small to take an OS map. There are no compression straps, no mesh side pockets and no hipbelt pockets. There is daisy chain webbing so you can stash items on the outside if needed, however. It is really all about the weight. 3/5


This is very lightweight but has minimal features so while lower-priced than some it is not the lowest-priced option. 4/5


If weight is your number one priority then the Lowe Alpine Prism 22 is a great option if you also want a buckle lid design. However, it lacks many walker-friendly features. 3.4/5

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