Lowe Alpine Airzone Trek + ND33:40 (2016)

Price £120

Lowe Alpine Airzone Trek + ND33:40 (2016)

by Sarah Ryan |



There are three ways to access the body of the Lowe Alpine Airzone Trek+ ND33:40: from the top (which includes a snow-lock extension); from the base; and from the front, by zipping away the stretchy front pocket. A zip-out section inside helps compartmentalise, and there are ice axe and walking pole attachments. Stretchy side pockets swallow water bottles, and there are large, zipped hipbelt pockets. Plus an adjustable back, and compression straps. 5/5


ND-branded for ‘narrow dimensions’, this pack is aimed at smaller, slender women. The Centro Adjust back system is simple to use, going from 41-46cm and clipping easily into place. The hipbelt is flexible and lightly padded, with cutaways that sit nicely in place; top tensioning and sternum straps allow for on-the-go adjustment without much faffing. The shoulder straps contour comfortably and fit well too. 5/5


Despite its weight, the Lowe Alpine Airzone Trek+ ND33:40 feels very light in use, largely thanks to a close, neat fit. Cutaways in the shoulder straps and hipbelt help to minimise sweatiness along with the back system, which holds the bulk away from your body and allows for lazy packing. It feels slightly less stable than some rivals, but for hillwalking it’s fine. 4/5


The Lowe Alpine Airzone Trek+ ND33:40 feels heavy if you lift it by hand, but, once adjusted and on your back, this feels very light indeed. With the floating lid fully extended and compression straps holding kit, you can pack enough for an overnight trip, yet it also compresses neatly to a daypack with plenty of pockets. This adaptability means it will provide good year-round use for most hillwalkers, but some may find it over-featured. 4/5


The price is justified by its year-round functionality, durability and features, but you can get simpler, lighter packs for less. 4/5


The Lowe Alpine Airzone Trek+ ND33:40 is great as a day / overnight pack, with handy features and high comfort. Others are lighter though. 4.4/5


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