RAB Charge Jacket Review 2016

RAB Charge Jacket Review 2016

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The Rab Charge’s weight of 314g is really impressive yet you do get two large chest pockets. These pockets are mesh-lined to ventilate the jacket, but that also means they won’t keep water out as effectively. The main fabric is a 2.5-layer version of Pertex Shield Plus with stretch, so it doesn’t control condensation as well as 3-layer fabrics and it is also less durable. A great lightweight option though. 3/5

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The men’s sizes are S-XXL and the women’s sizes are 8-16. The Rab Charge is about 4cm longer than the shortest jacket we looked at so it provides a little more protection to the bum. The sleeves are particularly well-shaped to fit closely, but importantly the hem and cuffs don’t move when you raise your arms. The hood adjusts and fits exceptionally well. Brilliant. 5/5


This is very light, and the 2.5-layer stretch Pertex Shield Plus fabric offers little if any restriction to movement so it feels exceptionally comfortable in good weather. However it does not control condensation as well as higher-priced 3-layer fabrics and it buckles in the wind, making it feel quite cold in foul weather. So, good up to a point

– but others are better in poor conditions. 4/5


The two huge chest pockets are great for handwarming or maps, but there is no third pocket. The pockets are mesh-lined too, so they can allow water to pass into the jacket if it enters the pocket, and it also means this area is less wind-resistant. But the hood is ideal for the hill, the sleeves are great and if used for milder conditions the Rab Charge is excellent. It is just less appealing in a blizzard. 3/5


The price is very good compared to what others at this price can offer, but a higher price brings better mountain performance. RRP £150. 4/5


The Rab Charge is a superb choice for milder weather, but in tougher conditions I’d prefer to use other jackets. 3.8/5

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