Berghaus Thunder Jacket Review 2016

Berghaus Thunder Jacket Review 2016

by Live for the Outdoors |


The Berghaus Thunder is made of Gore-Tex, but at this price it’s not the high-spec Pro version. However it has a nice robust feel and there is a mesh lining inside for more comfort. There are two main pockets, and a hood with volume adjustment and face drawcord. The hood peak does not get a wired or stiffened peak though. It does lack some extra features like a long body and a third pocket, but it has the basics. 3/5


The men’s sizes are S-XXL and women’s 8-18. It has quite a loose, baggy fit but is relatively short so it did not cover my bum as effectively as some higher-priced jackets. The hood fit is good, but I found the rear volume adjustment stiff to adjust and the hood did not move very well with my head. There was some movement in the cuffs and hem when moving my arms too. 4/5


The Berghaus Thunder does feel generally comfortable as you get a mesh lining inside the Gore-Tex outer and the baggy fit does trap plenty of air. The material also does not buckle too much in the wind. You don’t get such good protection of the bum, though, and no soft brushed panel to protect the chin from the zip. Others are certainly less comfortable, but this could still be better. 3/5


On the hill this provides the basics of protection you need. But the shorter length is a drawback and the style is overly baggy, I felt, and sort of gets in the way. The two main pockets are very large but access to them is easily impeded by rucksack hipbelts as they are quite low on the body. The hood does not turn as well as others either. But I do like that it provides more robust protection than lighter jackets. 3/5


You are getting Gore-Tex here and it has plenty of features; if slightly better designed its value for its performance would be higher. RRP £170. 4/5


The Berghaus Thunder is a good basic jacket if you’re heading to the hills, but little details are much better on other jackets. 3.4/5

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