Haglofs Roc Spirit womens Jacket Review 2016


This jacket features Gore C-Knit backer, which makes it lighter, more breathable and softer than standard Gore-Tex, though not as robust as Gore-Tex Pro. Pit zips add ventilation, and articulated sleeves improve the comfort. There are two OS map-sized pockets and one inner, which takes a smartphone. The hood has a wired peak and a soft, elasticated strip of fabric that helps stop water getting in and heat getting out.    5/5


Women’s comes in sizes XS-XL, men’s in XS-XXL. The neat cut allows for a warm layer underneath and is nicely fitted at the arms. The back gives good bum protection too, though it rides up a bit at the front when reaching. The helmet-compatible hood moves well, though not perfectly, with the head; and the elasticated ribbon of fabric beneath the peak is snug too. 4/5


Thanks to the soft C-Knit backing (the inner layer of Gore’s 3-layer laminate system), the Haglöfs Roc Spirit feels very comfortable on, easy to move in and less plasticky next to the skin. Though breathability levels are technically the same as Gore-Tex Pro, because of the way the membranes work it feels a bit warmer – but the pit zips provide good ventilation. 5/5 

In use

Some jackets are designed for tough, higher-level mountaineering, while others focus on lighter-weight comfort, while locking out the elements. The Haglöfs Roc Spirit falls into the latter category. The material is soft, quiet, light and moves flexibly while still providing durable waterproof protection, which will be comfier in warmer conditions than others. All important features are present too, making this a good choice for year-round hillwalking. 5/5


The price is high but you benefit from an excellent fabric, good features and extended use through the year. RRP £330. 4/5


The Haglöfs Roc Spirit  is well-featured and very comfy. Not as tough as some, but a good choice for year-round hillwalking. 4.6/5