Berghaus Remote 20 Rucksack Review

The Remote 20 is a lesson in the value of simple design. At a mere 500g, it’s significantly lighter than most of its rivals, yet still covers all of the essentials with assurance. The back system uses sturdy but comfy padding, resting naturally against the back while still letting air circulate. I was impressed by how stable and balanced the Remote was, even when fully loaded. Being light, it’s perfect for hasty adventures and hot hikes, and the lack of a full hip belt isn’t missed. Over longer days, you might start to miss some storage space – there is one very useful extra pocket for a map or other knick-knacks at the front and a mesh organiser inside, but nothing secure for glasses or a purse. An internal pouch fits smaller hydration systems, but then if you’re travelling light, a 2 litre bladder will be more than adequate.

Target Price £50


M/W: Unisex

Capacity: 20L

Weight: 500g  

Extra pockets: 1 (front) + internal organisers

Back system: Berghaus Flow (padded airflow)

Contact: 0345 607 2477,


Small, light and perfectly formed. A well-balanced pack at a great price.

Review from Country Walking magazine