RAB Infinity 300 (2016)

RAB Infinity 300 (2016)

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The 850 fill power hydrophobic down used in the Rab Infinity 300 does not absorb moisture as easily as standard down, and this allows it to maintain better performance if it does get damp. The down is held in place with trapezoidal baffles, and the lining and shell are 11 denier Pertex Quantum GL nylon. The comfort temperature rating is -2 deg C and the bag with its stuffsack weighs just 681g, which is remarkable. 5/5


The length is 210cm and shoulder width is 70cm, so a slightly smaller bag than some heavier options, which is great if you are smaller in size but some may want a bigger bag. On my 6ft frame the length was okay. There is a shoulder baffle but it is smaller than some heavier bags’; and the shoulder baffle and hood did not fit as closely as some others. 4/5


The Rab Infinity 300 has a rating of -2 deg C. But it does not feel quite as cosy as others as the shoulder baffle and zip baffle are smaller, and the hood does not fit as closely. The knee-length side zip is shorter than others too, so you can’t vent the foot area so easily. The materials are soft and comfy, though, and the hydrophobic down should maintain performance when damp. 4/5


It cannot be denied that the packed size of 17x17cm and weight of 681g set this bag apart from others. But not having a long zip is a drawback in summer, and cold spots may appear from the smaller shoulder baffle and zip protection. It just feels less robust and cosy due to the lighter materials. The stuffsack is not a waterproof option so you’d need to protect the bag a little more in your rucksack. 4/5


The price is very high, due to the use of hydrophobic down and the lightest of shell materials, and harder to justify than some. 3/5


If you want the lightest, most compact bag for backpacking the Rab Infinity 300 is a great option, but it is quite skimpy and very pricy. 4.0/5

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