OMM Mountain Raid 1.6 2016

OMM Mountain Raid 1.6 2016

by Graham Thompson |
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The OMM Mountain Raid 1.6’s weight of 447g and packed size of 12x18cm are its most important features. The manufacturer has designed it for use in the OMM mountain marathons that take place during the summer months, so it should be warm enough; but it does not have a lab test temperature rating. It is made of Primaloft Gold synthetic insulation, and has a nylon shell with a very short side zip and no shoulder baffle. 4/5

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The length is 195cm and the shoulder width is 73cm, and when I got inside the length was a problem for my 6ft frame as I felt my feet and head were being pressed against the insulation, thus compressing it. The fit of the hood was not as neat as others either. There is no shoulder baffle and only a short side zip, so fit adjustment is limited. 3/5


This does not feel as warm as other bags featured here but in the world of mountain marathons it is accepted that you add clothes as necessary. But adding in the closer fit, the lack of a long zip to vent the foot area and the lack of shoulder baffle means that overall the OMM Mountain Raid 1.6 is less comfortable in a wider range of temperatures than other bags here. 3/5


The weight and packed size are the winning features here, and so for some this will be the most practical bag on the hill. But it is a specialist piece of kit, and general campers will miss the benefits other bags can offer in terms of flexibility of fit and comfort. Saying that, I would use this for an ultra light backpacking trip if I really wanted that low weight benefit. 3/5


The price is low but you don’t get as many features with this as you do in some other bags, so this factor has to be considered. 4/5


The OMM Mountain Raid 1.6 is a specialist sleep system, ideal for mountain marathons, but for many hillwalkers a general-purpose bag is better. 3.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine Aug 2016

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