Montane Minimus 2016

Montane Minimus 2016

by Graham Thompson |
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The shell is made from waterproof and breathable Pertex Shield +, which is a ripstop nylon and PU laminate. Inside you get 800 fill power down and this provides a comfort temperature rating of -2 deg C. You also get silicone anti-slip patches on the base, and there is a shoulder baffle too. But there is only a short side zip, and at 988g it is not the lightest. 4/5

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The Montane Minimus is 200cm long and 72cm wide at the shoulder – slightly smaller than some others. You get a shoulder baffle though to help trap air inside, and the foot is shaped to allow a natural position without compressing the insulation. The hood fits well but is not quite as good as the absolute best. The short side zip is not as easy to get into or vent as others. 4/5


That short side zip means you can overheat in this more easily than others, and as it has a waterproof shell and a -2 deg C comfort rating it could easily feel a bit too warm. You don’t get quite the insulation in the hood that some others offer but the shoulder and zip baffles are good. The foot area is very spacious and comfy. As it is waterproof it won’t suffer in the damp. 4/5


The Montane Minimus is a unique option in many ways due to that waterproof outer, which makes it ideal for bivvy and tarp users or situations when you may get damp. I’d prefer a full-length zip though as any waterproof bag will potentially be slightly sweaty in warmer conditions. The packed size of 18x20cm and the weight of 988g are good for backpacking, but it’s not the lightest option if you don’t need waterproofness. 4/5


You pay extra for the waterproof shell but the drawback is the weight so you need to decide if the cash is worth paying. 3/5


The waterproof design will be ideal for some, but the Montane Minimus’s weight and price are high compared to other options. 3.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine Aug 2016

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