Criterion Quantum 200 (2016)

Criterion Quantum 200 (2016)

by Graham Thompson |
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It is the weight of just 558g and the packed size of 13x20cm that instantly set the Criterion Quantum 200 apart from others. With a temperature rating of 0 deg C rather than lower it is not as warm as the heavier sleeping bags, but it’s still great for summer. The insulation is 870 fill power down with a Pertex Quantum nylon shell. You get a longer zip than most bags offer. 5/5


This bag is 217cm long and 75cm wide at the shoulder so it is a little larger than some others. The full-length side zip extends all the way to the foot, which is unique among bags here. There is no shoulder baffle, and the hood does not fit as closely or as neatly as others. Other bags hug the body a little more than this, too, so it does not feel quite as cosy. 4/5


The Criterion Quantum 200 has a 0 deg C temperature rating so it’s not as warm as heavier bags but it’s still great for summer. But also you don’t get the closest fit and there is no shoulder baffle to trap air inside on chilly nights. The zip is very long, however, which is ideal on warm nights to cool the feet, and this is a major benefit when your temperature rises. 4/5


The packed size of 13x20cm and the weight of 558g make this ideal for backpacking while its temperature rating of 0 deg C should be ideal for summer. That long zip is great in warm weather, but I would like a shoulder baffle and a better fit for colder nights. The zip doesn’t have a stiff anti-snag strip either; although to be fair it did not jam when I used it. 4/5


The price makes this bag far better value than most here for lightweight backpacking if you are relatively limited with your budget. 4/5


The Criterion Quantum 200 is an extremely lightweight and compact product. It is not as warm as heavier bags but it should still be great for summer. 4.2/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine Aug 2016

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