First look: Jetboil Stash lightweight backpacking stove reviewed

Jetboil has launched its most lightweight and compact stove system to date, but what does it have to offer, and can it compete with Jetboil’s existing line-up?

Jetboil Stash camping stove

by Ben Weeks |
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Apparently, the average weight of a hamster is 210g. This may not seem like a particularly critical piece of information in a stove review, but it’s a figure that Jetboil clearly feels is relevant. The reason? Its new stove system, the Jetboil Stash, weighs just 201g which, Jetboil’s PR is excited to point out, is less than an average hamster. More importantly perhaps, it’s now the lightest stove system in the Jetboil range, usurping the Zip and the MicroMo (both of which weight 340g – significantly more than an average hamster).

Like the other Jetboil stove systems, the Stash includes a burner, a pot with a lid, and a gas canister support (although the latter adds 24g to the system, tipping it over hamster weight). And like the other Jetboil systems, the stand, burner, fuel support and a 100mg gas canister (sold separately) can all be packed into the pot for compact stowage. However, there are a few features found on other stoves that are missing here: there’s no built-in piezo igniter, no thermo regulation and no wind shield. Whether these are deal-breakers depends on how important keeping the weight down is to you, and in which seasons and conditions you intend to use the stove. With those things in mind, let’s take a closer look…


6 things you need to know...


Yes, we know we’ve already mentioned this, but it’s the key fact: the stand-alone stove with a titanium burner and the 0.8l FluxRing Cook Pot combine to form the lightest and most compact Jetboil system ever.


The pot’s FluxRing Technology increases the surface area for rapid boil times and improved fuel efficiency: 2 minutes and 30 seconds boil time for 0.5 litres of water; boils 12 litres of water per 100g JetPower Canister.

Jetboil Flux ring


The Stash has been designed to boil water quickly in 3-season use. The lack of a gas regulator valve means the fuel supply is simply on or off; the stove cannot adjust for pressure changes due to temperature or fuel depletion.

Jetboil Stash burner is unregulated


Like the Jetboil Zip, but unlike the Flash, MiniMo and MicroMo, the Stash has no built-in igniter. However, there is storage space in the pot lid for a mini-lighter, and a box of matches, fire steel or regular lighter will fit inside the pot.

Jetboil stash your spark here


The fold-out metal handle makes the pot much easier to manoeuvre compared to the neoprene sleeves found on other Jetboils. It also holds the lid on when packed.


The Stash is compatible with a range of additional Jetboil accessories, including the Hanging Kit, Coffee Press (Grande), 1.5L Ceramic FluxRing Cook Pot, JetSet Utensils and Summit Skillet.

Serious stuff

Price £140 | Packed weight 225g | Minimum weight 201g (excluding fuel support) | Packed size 11.5x12.5cm (HxD) | Pot capacity 0.8 litres | Boil time 2 mins 30 secs (0.5 litres)

Trail verdict

For 3-season use outside of the coldest weather, the Stash is ideal for go-light backpackers. The price does make it a considered purchase though.



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