First look: Primus Lite+ lightweight backpacking stove reviewed

Primus’ excellent Lite+ stove has received some upgrades. Do these tweaks and improvements make it the best backpacking stove yet?

Primus Lite+ lightweight backpacking stove

by Ben Weeks |
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Over the past one-and-a-quarter centuries Primus stoves have been used everywhere from high-altitude Himalayan peaks to the frozen wilderness of the Poles. Designed in Sweden and manufactured in Europe at the company’s own factory, every single stove is individually tested before it hits the shop shelves.

In more recent times, Primus’ Lite+ stove has become a popular choice for all types of outdoor enthusiasts, from wild campers to wild swimmers. Indeed, the original Lite+ has been the only backpacking stove Trail’s editor Oli has used in many years. Now this bestselling model (the Lite+, not Oli) has been updated with a slightly eco-friendlier design and some new and improved features.

The essence of the Lite+ remains the same; it’s still a fast boiling, gas-sipping stove that can pack down into its own pot (including a 100g gas canister) for easy transport. But you don’t stay at the top of the stove game for over 125 years by just leaving things as they are, so Primus has been tinkering. Are the updates worth having, and is the Lite+ still the stove it once was? Let’s take a closer look…


6 things you need to know...

Fast and efficient

The new Lite+ retains the highly efficient Laminar Flow Burner featured on the original. This also allows the stove’s burner to sit closer to the gas cartridge, making the whole unit more stable. The burner slots directly into the 0.5 litre wind-shielded cooking pot to optimise efficiency, ensure a fast boil time, and reduce the gas consumption.

Safe and convenient

The anodised aluminium pot now includes an integrated pouring spout, making it easier and safer to transfer boiling water to other containers. The moulded design of the new pot lid (which is made from 95% bioplastic) allows it to be used as a mug.

Dual purpose handle

The webbing handle allows the pot to be used as a mug. Alternatively it can be unfastened and used as a hanging kit to boil water on uneven or ground or in a portaledge.

Using the Primus Lite +  stove for coffee

Controllable heat

The new gas valve incorporates a large control knob, making it much easier to control the stove’s heat output, even with cold hands or while wearing gloves.

Adaptable pot options

Three small pan supports housed on the webbing handle can be inserted into the burner to enable the use of alternative pots or pans.

Insulating sleeve

The G-1000 Eco fabric pot sleeve now features a cork lining that insulates the contents and protects your hands while holding the pot to eat. The sleeve also features an integrated pocket for storing a long spoon and is available in six colours (we’re big fans of the orange).

The Primus Lite+ stove

Serious stuff

Price £130 | Packed weight 402g | Packed size 13x10cm (HxD) | Pot capacity 0.5 litres | Boil time 2 mins 45 secs (0.5 litres)


Trail verdict

We were already fans of the original Primus Lite+ stove, and the latest version does everything just as well and some things better. What’s not to like?



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