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Women’s feet have a naturally different shape and size compared to men’s. Bridgedale was the first brand to recognise this, designing and knitting socks specifically for women’s feet – and that’s why they’re a firm favourite of female trail runners across the globe.

For decades a common complaint across the outdoor industry has been that brands neglect women’s-specific fits. Rather than designing clothing or footwear for female body shapes, they simply take a men’s product and “shrink’n’pink” it – a lazy approach, making it smaller and changing the colour to pink. This is a travesty, leading to ill-fitting kit and poor designs for women.

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Sock supremos Bridgedale recognised this problem before all of their rivals, and in 2002 became the first brand to design and knit a sock with a truly women’s specific fit. This innovation quickly won legions of fans amongst female outdoor enthusiasts and more than 20 years later Bridgedale’s women’s-specific socks remain as popular as ever.

It was Bridgedale’s attention to detail that super-charged this success. The brand knew the importance of the project and didn’t want to simply take a men’s sock, change the colour and tweak the sizing. “We recognised that most women typically have a higher instep, narrower heel and lower volume foot than men”, explains the brand, whose sock boffins have a scientific knowledge of the foot’s anatomy. “So in 2002 we launched a women’s-specific sock with close sizing ratios, a correctly-shaped toe box and heel cup, and a correctly-sized instep. Since their introduction the feedback has been very positive and we pride ourselves on making the most technical and comfortable women’s socks on the market.”

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Mark Brennan, managing director of Bridgedale, is exceptionally proud of the brand’s women’s specific products, and told us the success is down to the clever, well-thought-out design ethos. “Women’s socks aren’t just the same as men’s. They’re smaller, with bespoke sizing, and have been specially adapted around the heel and toe areas to allow for a women’s slimmer foot and higher arch. We have socks with a fit for every woman." Under his leadership, the brand is building on this heritage by expanding its range for women, with larger sizes up to a UK 10.

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Bridgedale’s women’s-specific socks are available in all of the brand’s key categories. There are four weight categories (heavyweight, midweight, lightweight and ultralight), two ‘fit’ families (performance and comfort), five lengths (low, ankle, ¾ crew, boot crew and knee overcalf) and two main materials (merino and synthetic polyester/nylon) – so there really is a sock for every woman. Thicker and warmer socks with a higher length are well-suited for three-season hiking, for example, while lighter, lower-cut socks are perfect for trail running in spring and summer.

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The latter is a booming market for Bridgedale. From fell running to ultra marathons, women are embracing the trail running scene in their thousands. These runners need technical, high-performing socks that can cope with the rigours of big miles, steep ascents and fast descents. Bridgedale’s running socks are able to meet these demands. They are lightweight, cool, breathable and fast-wicking, combining underfoot cushioning for comfort with an open knit structure for breathability.

Whether you’re taking on an epic Bob Graham Round in the Lake District, a mountain marathon in the Scottish Highlands, or simply enjoying training runs in your local countryside, here are three of the best women’s-specific running socks from Bridgedale.

3 of the best women’s Bridgedale socks for trail running

Women's Ultra Light T2 Coolmax Sport Low - £17

Women's Ultra Light T2 Coolmax Sport Low

This low-cut, non-wool sock is for “serious runners who like to explore the world’s trails at a faster pace”. It’s ultralight, super-breathable and fast-wicking, with micro cushioning for the perfect balance between comfort and protection on rugged terrain. It’s also available in a ¾ crew length (£18.50), while a “merino sport” version comes in both low (£17.50) and ¾ crew (£19) lengths.

Women's Lightweight T2 Merino Sport 3/4 Crew - £18

Women's Lightweight T2 Merino Sport 3:4 Crew bridgedale socks

This lightweight trail running sock features a targeted heel, ankle and ball of foot for impact protection. The length is a ¾ crew size and the Merino Sport Fusion Technology provides resilient padding, moisture wicking, odour control and outstanding durability on the trail.

Women's Midweight T2 Merino Sport Crew - £20

Women's Midweight T2 Merino Sport Crew bridgedale socks

With a warmer and sturdier construction, this sock will keep your feet warm and comfortable on colder runs. Strategically-placed knit pads provide enhanced Achilles and ankle protection, while micro-cushioning throughout strikes a nice balance between support and comfort.

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