Escape to St Helena for the world’s remotest festival of walking

St Helena, with its subtropical climate, is one of the most remote islands on the planet – and the perfect place to travel if you’re looking for a walking holiday with a difference

St Helena Festival of Walking

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St Helena’s subtropical climate enables hiking all year round – but the Festival of Walking is when it’s at its finest. The summer sun is shining, humpback whales and whale sharks are visiting, and wirebirds are nesting.

The diversity of landscapes, microclimates and vistas on this tiny, remote island will leave you breathless. Read on to discover why you should make it your next hiking adventure.

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St Helena's nature trails

The British Overseas Territory of St Helena rises dramatically from the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. Its remoteness has crafted a diverse environment full of varying landscapes and microclimates of unspoilt beauty. Truly, there’s nothing on Earth quite as spectacular as exploring this island by foot.

A network of 21 hiking trails called ‘Post Box Walks’ crisscrosses the island, allowing hikers to access vantage points of outstanding beauty and places of historic interest.

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As the name suggests, a ‘post box’ can be found at the end of each trail, holding a unique ink stamp that hikers can use to show off their achievement. The trails vary in difficulty and length, from family-friendly to extremely challenging. In one day you can go from strolling through green pastureland dotted with centuries-old buildings, to tackling stark coastal paths more suited to experienced hikers and adrenaline seekers.

Many of the walks feature astounding geological features, plants and animals not found anywhere else on Earth, and unique historic buildings and sites to explore. And best of all, every single hike offers an amazing freshness in the air due to the extremely low pollution levels on St Helena. This is nature at its finest. Challenge yourself to complete all 21 walks!

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Festival of Walking

The annual St Helena Festival of Walking takes place from December to February. The festival provides the perfect opportunity to explore the trails with the ‘Walk of the Week’. By joining this organised walk you can join together with others for a hike to one of the Post Box Walks. The walks are often guided by local experts such as conservationists or avid walkers, who give unique insight into the stunningly diverse landscapes, microclimates, biodiversity and history of this remote island.

Getting there

During the Festival of Walking, St Helena has two weekly flights on offer rather than its usual weekly flight. In December 2024 to March 2025, return flights operate mid-week with Johannesburg and each weekend with Cape Town. Take advantage of this increased flexibility to visit St Helena during the second annual Festival of Walking – at a time of year when St Helena also comes alive with vibrant parades and festivals and when whale sharks visit our shores.

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