A sunny hiking paradise: pick the Region of Valencia for your next walking holiday

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With over 320 days of sunshine annually and 5,000km of approved walking trails, the Region of Valencia has spectacular landscapes and dramatic mountains across 22 natural parks. Here’s why it’s one of Europe’s hidden gems for hiking enthusiasts.

The Region of Valencia comprises of the provinces of of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón, basking on the Mediterranean coast in central south-eastern Spain. It is a well-known tourist destination for beach holidays – but there is so much more to this area. In fact, it’s a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Why? Well, the region of Valencia has a privileged geographical location, with a mesmerising breadth of landscapes from the Balearic Sea to the mountains. The Mediterranean coastline is an understandable attraction, but the region’s interior is full of charm too – with quaint villages, majestic mountains and great biodiversity.

Indeed, the region of Valencia has a total of 22 natural parks, so there is an almost endless supply of green spaces and landscapes to explore. It is also one of the most mountainous areas in Spain. Without exceeding 2,000m of altitude, the region has spectacular peaks and the local population is well-known for its great love of mountain hiking. The area has more than 5,000km of approved trails of all difficulties, distances and terrains, all of it very well signposted.


But what is this area’s USP and why does it really appeal to hikers? The local tourist board explains it poetically: “Lovers of hiking and mountain sports from all over the world are attracted by the variety of landscapes in the region of Valencia, and by the wide range of accommodation and restaurants that complement the sports experience, both in the small villages that you discover en route while hiking, and in the charming bigger cities too.”

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One superb destination to visit for hiking is the province Los Serranos. It is home to some of the highest mountains in the region of Valencia, in the foothills of the Sierra Javalambre – a 29km-long mountain range rising to 1,839m above sea level at the summit of Cerro Calderón. One particular highlight is the Turia River, which meanders through narrow canyons to form a mesmerising landscape of gorges and waterfalls, with the beautiful Benagéber Reservoir at its epicentre.

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5 reasons to visit the region of Valencia for your next hiking trip

1. It’s super easy to get to


Travelling to this Spanish region is far from difficult. Regular direct flights are available to Alicante and Valencia from several UK airports, including Bristol, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and many more. You can also fly direct from London Stansted to Castellón de la Plana.

2. Impressive environmental credentials

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The region of Valencia is not only distinguished by the beauty of its natural parks and beaches, but also by its commitment to environmental sustainability. The area is well-known for its efforts to respect native flora and fauna, protect eco-systems and promote eco-friendly practices among visitors. The city of Valencia, for example, is the European Green Capital 2024, a title achieved thanks to its focus on sustainable tourism and climate neutrality.

3. Delicious local gastronomy

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One of the pure joys of a hiking holiday is – after you’ve ticked off those miles – you can indulge in whatever food you fancy. And the Mediterranean diet options in the region of Valencia are plentiful and mouth-watering. The region is the birthplace of paella – an internationally celebrated dish – and famous for its great variety of rice dishes. But it’s also known for its wines (why not spend a rest day at a charming winery?), high quality olive oils, and super-juicy, sweet oranges. Foodies will be well-served by numerous avant-garde eateries and Michelin-starred restaurants too.

4. Reliable sunshine all year long

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Blue skies, warming rays, golden horizons – there is something truly magical about hiking in gloriously sunny weather. It’s something we’re cruelly denied all-too-often in the rainy mountains of the UK, with our views (and spirits) dampened as the rain inevitably falls. That’s why you deserve a hiking getaway to somewhere reliably drenched in gorgeous sunshine for 320 days a year – the region of Valencia.

5. Go hiking with a professional local guide


If you don’t fancy going solo, or simply want to take the hassle out of the planning, the region of Valencia is well-served by a myriad of active tourism companies that cater for outdoor activities and adventurous pursuits. These companies will accompany and guide your hiking tours, providing all the safety considerations, equipment and navigation necessary. In addition, you can add extra activities – from kayaking and biking to mountaineering and horse riding – to make your adventure even more memorable.

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