Birding in the region of Valencia

Birds in the Region of Valencia

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Birds in the Region of Valencia

The Region of Valencia has great natural resources and an attractive elevated landscape for the practice of birding: the observation of birds in their natural habitats. Large protected areas included in the Natura 2000 Network, with 22 Natural Parks and more than 40 Special Protection Areas for Birds (SPA). Here we can find all kinds of landscapes: mountainous areas with elevations of more than 1800 meters, deep riverside canyons, coastal wetlands, marshes and ancient forests.

This great diversity of ecosystems means that more than 300 different species of birds can be observed throughout the year. The Region of Valencia, strategically located on the pre and post-nuptial migratory routes between Northern Europe and Africa, is a prominent breeding and wintering site of incalculable value on account of the number and diversity of its species.

In addition to all of these natural attractions, there is also an abundance of cultural, historic, architectural and, of course, gastronomic heritage present in the Region of Valencia. In addition to the good accessibility, infrastructures and accommodation accessible to all nature lovers, the Region of Valencia has become a fascinating destination for birdwatching lovers.

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Birding Comunitat Valenciana

Birding Comunitat Valenciana is a nature tourism website developed by Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and specially dedicated to the promotion of bird tourism in the Region of Valencia. In its different sections you can find all kinds of information related to the different species of birds, habitats, birdwatching routes and itineraries and places of special interest for the observation of birds, highlighting the Natural Parks and other areas designated for bird watching.

Birding Comunitat Valenciana is a program which provides a network of different service providers (birdwatching guides, specialised accommodations, photography hides, travel agencies, tourist offices...), who are responsible for offering all kinds of experiences and services to travellers who visit the Region of Valencia for the fascinating activity of birdwatching.

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