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2B6MWN5 Woman hiker touching water drops at Dalfazer waterfall, Austria.

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See what's inside the new September 2022 issue of Trail - the UK's best-selling hillwalking and hiking magazine

Articles in this issue of Trail magazine...

An example of the scrambling terrain you’ll find on Cam Crag Ridge, high above the Langstrath valley, where rocky edges combine with juniper bushes, rowan trees and summer vegetation to create fascinating variety on the ascent.  

"Let me tell you a little story about one of the most memorable 24-hour periods I’ve ever spent in the mountains. One of those rare occasions when circumstances, scenery and sunshine combine to create the kind of unforgettable adventure you’ll be boring people in pubs (or magazines) with for years..."

Team work is required to transport the stretcher up Stac Pollaidh from the shores of Loch Lurgainn.

"We are high on Stac Pollaidh in the far north-west Highlands. It’s a picture-perfect day in what must be one of the most stunning parts of the UK. But we’re not paying any attention to the view. Our full focus is on our casualty, Kira, who is strapped into a stretcher, feet dangling towards a 400m drop below..."


Heading down from Aran Fawddwy into Cwm Cywarch.

"A photo of a 1944 Mosquito aircraft wreckage embedded into the hillside brought me to this often-forgotten south-east corner of the Snowdonia National Park. The photo showed weathered steely propellers, miraculously still intact, fanning out from a rusty hub that hadn’t turned in almost 60 years..."

This view of the Eiger’s North Face is served up from the spectacular Cliff Walk at Grindlewald First.

"Forget for a moment that everything runs like clockwork, or that the immaculately clean and impressive double-decker trains are something we just don’t have in the UK. No, the best thing about travelling to the mountains of Switzerland by train, is the mountains of Switzerland..."


Andy McKenna, a Scottish mountain bike guide, was diagnosed with MS in 2007, and has since set up a Facebook group supporting others with their access and enjoyment of the outdoors.<br>

"Everybody has needs. I’ve gone for a hike with a friend and they’ve said, ‘I don’t always talk that much, it’s not that I don’t like you. I’m just happy with silence.’ That’s fine. There were moments where we were walking a few strides from each other, not talking at all, just appreciating the bliss..."

The best way to get fit for hillwalking is by hillwalking. But surely there’s more we could be doing when we’re away from the hills? Mountain leader and personal trainer Matt Le Voi has the answers.<br>

Do you want to hike further, faster or easier than ever before? Do you want to complete more hill walks in a month,
go trekking or wild camping? Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to cut back on the big mountain days as it just takes
too long to recover, or hurts your knees and back too much? Well, maybe it’s time to train...


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Tips, skills and know-how, in-depth expert gear advice, and mapped mountain routes for you to explore

Skills and tips to get you hiking like a pro; new gear releases and trusted reviews; mountain routes to walk, scramble and backpack.

And much, much more...

Information, inspiration, and mountains galore can be found in the new issue of Trail magazine.

You can find all of this and more in the new September issue of Trail magazine - the UK’s best-selling hillwalking publication. On sale from Thursday 4th August.


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