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Why there's never been a better summer to walk a long-distance trail


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How to nail one-week trails
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You want to walk a long-distance trail but only have a week to spare? Don't worry! Many of Britain's finest are still within your reach.

Walk among giants
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You don't need to climb the world's biggest mountains to create an epic overseas adventure. The classic trek around Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps, is regarded one of Europe's greatest long-distance walks, and here's how you can do it.

Hike, bike, swim
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Spice up your life with a mountain triathlon for mortals. All you need is a peak, a pass and a pool of water – and you're spoilt for choice in the Lakes.

Gravity falls
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To celebrate Trail's 30th year we're dusting off our archives each month to resurface a favourite mountain adventure from the past three decades. Trail has long prided itself on going to the highest, wildest, craziest places in the UK – and the summit of Napes Needle on Great Gable in the Lakes jangled the nerves like nothing else. We'll leave it to you to decide if you'd prefer to read about it from the safety of this magazine, or add it to your adventure bucket list...

Who are you calling dull?
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The Cheviot is the last mountainous outpost of northern England and an iconic marker near the terminus of the Pennine Way. But isn't it, to be blunt, a little bit boring? Let's find out…

It takes balls to go solo
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Following the tragic recent death of Sarah Everard, we find out from four female adventurers what it means to be a woman going walking in the hills on her own.


Tips, skills and know-how | Gear reviewed | Mapped mountain routes

Tips, skills and know-how | Gear reviewed | Mapped mountain routes

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