Camping stoves to go electric?

At the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 ceremony in Munich, Germany, the KOVEA E-Stove (KES) - the world's first Portable Electronic Induction cooker - was given a gold award. But what are the advantages of an electric stove, and why would you want one?

The lightweight and incredibly compact mini induction cooker from KOVEA, transports high-tech kitchen technology to the outdoor realm. Since traditional liquid or gas camp stoves generate carbon monoxide fumes, up until now it has not been possible to cook in small, enclosed spaces such as tents. The rechargeable battery marks the end of gas canister waste. An ecologically responsible product and a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy nature for years to come.
— Gold Award Jury Statement

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Kovea's goal was to come up with a new type of stove that eliminated harmful emissions and waste. The solution they came up with involved using rechargeable electronic induction technology at the heart of a brand new rechargable electric stove.

In tests the prototype of the KES can supply up to an hour of water heating from one charge.  This makes it suitable for day hiking or short overnight camping trips, but less ideal for longer stays away from civilisation. Kovea's aim is that future production models will make use of developing battery technology to increase power capacity further still, giving the stove a greater output from a single charge. When it comes to recharging the battery, the KES can be charged from the mains, car or from portable charging devices and generators. With portable wind-powered charging already available, and water-powered charging on the horizon, even in its current form the KES could be a suitable alternative for base-camp cooking.

Environmental Gains

The main driver behind Kovea's creation of the KES was to create a stove that could operate with zero emissions and waste and take a more sustaonable approach to portable cooking.

"By cutting the link between stove and the gas canister, the KES saves all the resource used to manufacture, transport and store portable gas canisters. This removes a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and completely eliminates the creation of waste from empty gas canisters."

Electric induction heaters are also far more efficient than gas alternatives, achieving an efficiency rating of around 84 percent. According to Kovea, the KES requires half the energy compared to a conventional gas powered stove for the same amount of heating.

A portable charging hub

In addition to powering the induction cooker, the high capacity battery used by the KES can also be used to charge or power other electronic devices such as mobile phones, GPS devices, and lighting.

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