Paramo Velez Adventure Review

Paramo Velez Adventure Review

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The Velez Adventures are the ultimate weather warriors. Where other manufacturers hedge their bets, Páramo go all out with one goal in mind: waterproofing. And the Analogy fabric is really good at that. There is minimum faffing and maximum peace of mind here – no awkward dances with the overtrousers, no risk of returning to the car a drowned rat. Páramo also ensure other basics are covered too: the trousers are loose and allow good freedom of movement, there are ventilation zips on both legs and the ankle cuffs can be adjusted with a Velcro strap. For my money they’re still significantly sweatier than non-waterproofs, even with the vents, but if the weather’s so wet that you’d be pulling on overtrousers anyway then these are still by far the best option. They do unfortunately come with the familiar crisp-packet rustle of waterproof clothing, and I personally find the elasticated waistband too high to be totally comfortable, but these are minor points for what is a long-standing and high-performing product.

Target Price £ 120


Size: 8-18

Fabric: 100% polyester

Weight: 340g

Contact: 01892 786444,


PROS: Fully waterproof, good freedom of movement, ventilation zips

CONS: Sweaty, expensive, rather noisy when walking.

Comfort: 3/5

WeatherproofinG: 5/5

Ventilation: 3/5

Value for money: 4/5

Best for: Irrepressibly wet and cold days when staying dry is everything.

Review from Country Walking magazine

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