Asolo Alta Via GV (2017)


The Asolo Alta Via GV is recommended for technical use on high-altitude terrain and ice, so you get more features than winter hillwalkers need. The upper is one-piece 2.4mm leather with a Gore-Tex waterproof lining, and there is a full rubber rand with a Vibram outsole that has extremely deep lugs. But the sole is very stiff and the boot is very heavy at 2358g (pair, size 11). 4/5


The men’s sizes are 6-13 and the women’s are 4½-9. The fit is not as precise and close as some lighter B2-rated boots we looked at. The ankle cuff is 1cm higher than others, but much more restrictive in movement. You get a close-fitting toe for climbing precision but the Asolo Alta Via GV feels a little more ‘clumpy’ and restrictive on the foot. 4/5


As the Alta Via GV is heavy it straight away feels ‘clumpy’ to wear. It is also quite restrictive around the ankle cuff, and it feels uncomfortable due to that. But for this specific type of boot it is comfortable; it just offers more support than a walker needs and the result is less comfort than a walker can enjoy. 4/5

In use

The Asolo Alta Via GV’s outsole is outstanding for grip as the lugs are very deep and well-spaced so you can bite into soft snow extremely easily. The stiffness is great on steeper ground because you get so much support that your feet have to do very little work. It feels ‘clumpy’ for mountaineering though, and for walking it is just hard work. Great at what it is intended for, which is higher-altitude mountaineering. 4/5


The Asolo Alta Via GV’s price is actually good for what you are getting, but you can pay less and get a boot that is more walking-centric. 3/5


The Asolo Alta Via GV is a good very stiff higher-altitude mountaineering boot, but it is more than winter walkers need. 3.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2017