MEET marmot MARV

MARV IS THE MARMOT® MARMOT, and the 2017 everest anywhere mascot.

The Great British Marmot Hunt

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To help you achieve your #EverestAnywhere challenge to climb 8848 metres, Trail have released 70 mascots – Marmot Marv – into the hills of the United Kingdom. And it’s up to you to find the little critters!

The Great British Marmot Hunt works a bit like a geocache. Once signed up to the challenge you will get new clues every week from 1st July 2017 as to the location of more Marmot Marvs, that will get you out and up high. There will be a live Marmot map – so you can see where there are Marmot Marvs still on the run.  You might need to use your knowledge of the British mountains to identify his hidden location, other times you may need some navigation skills! But most of all it’s about getting out there, getting high and having fun! If you find a Marv, he’s yours to keep – just take a selfie at the location you found him and post it on social media #EverestAnywhere or email it to – and you will be in with a chance of winning the latest clothing from technical gear brand Marmot, our challenge sponsors. 

If you’re already signed up you will receive an email giving you exclusive access to the clues.

The Great British Marmot Hunt has begun!


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