Squash Falconer, Adventurer and Mountaineer

From summitting 8000m Himalayan mountains to paragliding off Alps, adventurer, speaker and presenter Squash knows a thing or two about what to pack...

Squash Falconer, pictured on Glen Coe's Aonach Eagach Ridge, with the right stuff for the job! Photo: Natalie Holmes

Squash Falconer was the first British woman to paraglide from the summit of Mont Blanc – just one of her many record-breaking adventures. She’s also travelled 3,000 miles through South America on her BMW motorbike, summited Everest and currently holds the record for
the longest distance travelled on an elliptical bicycle.

Portable Charger
I have the Powertraveller Powermonkey Explorer 2, which is perfect for charging
my GoPro, GPS watch and iPhone.

My waterproofs are absolutely essential, because getting wet and cold isn’t fun. I use the Rab Xiom Jacket and Pants, and I have some Rab gloves in case I need to keep my fingers warm.

Safety first! We were on Scotland’s Aonach Eagach Ridge (Grade 2 scramble) when this photo was taken. It has some exposed and tricky sections that I wanted my helmet for, just in case.

The Lowe Alpine Eclipse 25 pack is perfect for fun days out in the mountains. It’s the ideal size for all of my essentials.

Down Jacket
My Rab Microlight down jacket goes everywhere with me. It’s always good to have a warm layer close to hand.

Walking Poles
To save my knees on the way down!

Map & Compass
Two vital pieces of kit that I always have on any trip. GPS is great, but I need a foolproof backup in case I lose signal.

The perfect camera to document all my adventures.

Obviously! I also had a healthy cheese salad in my rucksack – but that had already been eaten before this photo was taken...

This has absolutely no practical use on the ridge, but it’s perfect for jumping in the River Coe after the hike!

A friend introduced me to these super-tasty snacks last year, and now they’re a permanent fixture in my pack.

More on Squash at www.squashfalconer.com