#walk500/1000miles newsletter 12

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The biggest challenge in walking is coming back even bigger and better in 2018.

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Guy Procter, editor, Country Walking (I don't know why I'm posing like that either)

Guy Procter, editor, Country Walking (I don't know why I'm posing like that either)

It's a somewhat abbreviated newsletter this time but I hope with good reason: we've just launched the 2018's challenge's new home and are getting ready for a bumper launch edition of the mag for the new year. I can't wait for you to check them out. Working at Country Walking has always been a pleasure and a privilege but seeing #walk1000miles grow from a tiny idea to a tidal wave of joy has been an unbelievable thrill. I remember the excitement when we reached 1000 Facebook group members some point in mid-2016, and somehow by the end of the year challenge uptake had swelled to 25,000. Who knows where we will get to in 2018, but in a way I don't care. It's not about filling a stadium (although bring along the Proclaimers and wouldn't it be fun?) or forming a gigantic team (boy we'd rule at British bulldog); it's about individual lives changed and a sense of common cause that helps lift us all to new heights. Something big, and warm and friendly. Because as I've always said, while they might enjoy silence and sometimes solitude, walkers don’t walk to get away from other people or escape the ‘real world’, they walk to discover it; to better feel at home in it and in themselves. It’s a better me that returns from any walk; I dare say you feel it’s a better you that completes 1000 miles. The world seems bigger and better on foot, and it is better for having more people on foot. So I hope you’ll join the challenge again next year, and maybe recruit a friend or relation. We’re doing a good thing here and I can’t imagine life without it!

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What happened when we hand-delivered the first two medals to unsuspecting completers!

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